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Three Tips for a Successful Silent Saturday

Parents are excited to watch their kids play soccer. Can you blame them? But they can also take it a step too far.

If your Region’s parents are becoming a distraction to their players and the game in general, consider having a “Silent Saturday.” It’s a game day where parents don’t talk to the kids, coaches, referees or anyone until the game is over.

Here are three helpful tips for running your Region’s “Silent Saturday”:

1.    Parents can still clap, but may not say anything verbally. Encourage parents to be creative by bringing a rally towel or making fun signs.
2.    Coaches may not yell any direction to players. They can give instruction quietly on the sideline.
3.    Referees should ensure that everyone is following directions and issue warnings if spectators instruct from the sidelines.

“But I love cheering my kid on and helping her on the field when she is confused. Don’t take our right to cheer our kids on away from us!”

Kids need to make their own decisions in soccer, right or wrong, to develop as successful players. This helps them think on their feet during a game and not rely on the instructions their parents are yelling from the sidelines. (which they usually can’t hear much of anyway!) 

Playing soccer as a kid is an amazing thing, don’t let vocal parents or coaches ruin the experience. Watch and share this video, featuring Deputy Executive Director Scott Gimple discussing “Silent Saturdays” on the Hallmark Home & Family Channel.

Parents don’t mean to hold back player development on purpose, so it’s important every season to remind parents, coaches and referees that soccer is a player’s game.

Click here if you have any questions about declaring a Silent Saturday.

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