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Use SMART Goals to Achieve Successful Fundraising Campaigns

In soccer, you can’t score without aiming the ball toward the goal. This same idea applies to fundraising for your Region. Setting concrete fundraising goals gives your Region a clear plan for success. Setting goals can be tricky, so you must be SMART.

Specific - Do your research and determine the expenses your Region would like to cover with fundraising. What exact uniforms are you looking to buy? How much does it cost to enter or host a tournament? What additional fees exist? The more specific, the easier it will be to build a plan. 

Measurable – Establish specific criteria for measuring progress and set checkpoints throughout your fundraiser. For example, “By week one, I hope to raise a third of my total goal.”

Attainable – To decide if your goal is attainable, focus on the logistics. Will my chocolate arrive in enough time for me to fundraise and still meet my deadline? Do I have enough volunteers to make the profit I hope to achieve?

Realistic – Your goal must represent an objective you are willing and able to achieve. Make sure each volunteer has the time and energy to sell their required amount of cases. A goal can be both high and realistic; a low goal often exerts low motivational force.

Time-bound – You can attain your fundraising goal when you plan your steps wisely and establish a timeframe that allows you to carry out those steps. With no time frame tied to your goal, your group has no sense of urgency. If you anchor it within a timeframe such as “two weeks before the first game,” your Region will work harder to meet the deadline.

SMART goals will set up your Region for guaranteed fundraising success! Would you like to learn more about exceeding your goals with World’s Finest® Chocolate? Contact your local fundraising specialist today.

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