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Welcome YMCA, Colorado Springs Parks and Rec. and Kroc Center to AYSO!

YMCA Chilton County, Ala., Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation and the Kroc Center in Michigan have all selected AYSO as their preferred partner in youth soccer. These partnerships add to the growing list of organizations that have become affiliate members with AYSO to provide youth sports to their communities. AYSO is proud to have these standup organizations join the AYSO family.

In late 2007, the NBOD approved an affiliation agreement with the purpose of allowing other nonprofit organizations, like Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA and Parks and Rec programs, who wanted to retain their own brand and identity, to join AYSO. Affiliate members must be approved by the AYSO National Executive Director and the NBOD.  

“A lot of YMCA’s values, they see in the philosophies of AYSO. The positive coaching, player development over winning and the fact that AYSO is such a good family-based organizations. YMCA felt it would be a great partnership” says Michael Mays, AYSO Section 5 Director. Michael’s Section is set to sign the deal to join forces with YMCA to bring high quality youth soccer programs to the communities of Southeast Alabama.

Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation first become and affiliate partner in 2009, but recently renewed in 2015. They initially started the partnership because they had a very hard time recruiting, retaining and training coaches.

“Teaming up with AYSO has cured our coaching problem. It’s given our coaches the tools and resources they never had. The newsletters that come out on a regular basis and the online training is so easy to access and provides much needed encouragement and training to our coaches,” says Annette Proctor, RC of Region 1553 in Syracuse, Utah.

The partnership with the Kroc Center in Michigan includes an invitation to participate as both a vendor and workshop presenter at the Kroc Center Convention Sept. 14-17 in Memphis Tenn.  

If you’d like more information about affiliate partnerships, contact Pete MacPhail.


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