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eAYSO Access Rights Update – Phase 2

Dear AYSO Executive Member,

It has been quite a journey with eAYSO and Access Rights since we first started making changes in early March. Since then we have aligned the permissions available within eAYSO to match the position you assigned to each of your volunteer Board Members. Additionally, we made sure that volunteer status and position end dates worked as you would expect allowing you to trust that permissions were automatically removed after the dates you chose.

A retrospective review of how these changes were implemented revealed two truths. First, while the technical design of the changes was good, the execution of the changes was far from perfect. Second, while Regions, Areas and Sections are organized the same, the assignment of roles and the accomplishing of tasks may be very unique to Regions across town and across the country.

To help us get back on course after the first phase of changes in March, I formed an eAYSO Access Rights Review Team in April to review the definition of which Access Rights are appropriate for each position. The team reviewed every single volunteer position and every single assignable permission and weighed in with their reality-check. The Review Team consisted of Executive Members and National Office staff and they met tirelessly over the course of many weeks.

Their work effort culminated with the last set of updated assignments and permissions that were implemented in late July. August 1 brought its own set of surprises when volunteers may have expired due to volunteer status, position end dates being reached, or both. Some Regions were caught off-guard but eAYSO did function as expected.

There will always be differences remaining between individual Regions, Areas and Sections and how they delegate their tasks. To help you craft your volunteer role assignment strategy there are tools available for you on the AYSO website which will detail the access rights associated with each position from two perspectives. The first tool will list the rights associated with each position while the second tool will list the positions that include the chosen Access Right. By using both tools you can determine the precise set of roles to assign to your volunteers allowing them to perform the jobs you assign.

I continue to invite your feedback and suggestions on crafting just the right set of positions and permissions that would make your Board function more effectively. You can participate by sending emails to the eAYSO Help Desk. The review of volunteer positions and Access Rights will remain an on-going task of the NSSC.

Thank you for all you do in providing our world-class program. And please let me know how the National System and Software Commission can help you be even more successful.

Jay Ballinger
AYSO National System and Software Commission Chair


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