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How AYSO Regions are Lining Their Fields

One of the biggest parts of prepping for game day is making sure all of your fields are lined properly.  

But what's the easiest way to get this done? How many gallons does it take to line one field? Several RCs from around the country shared their field-lining experiences:

"We bring our painter out to team meetings before the season starts to show everyone how easy it is to use," shares one RC. "We assign a Board Member or experienced line painter to be 'paint boss' for the week. The paint boss opens the lockers where our painters are stored, helps new volunteers and makes sure fields are painted correctly."

"We have been using the paint and machines from SCORE for years," says an RC. "Our recycler takes the empty cans, so we throw them in the bins at the park. Our volunteers have never complained about the job and the lines are uniform."
"We burn the field lines pre-season with the help of the parks department, so they are easy to maintain," shares another RC. "Volunteers (mostly youth) show up early on game days and use the free wands (that came free with field paint from AYSO Store, years ago) to go over lines when needed."

One RC that uses a motorized striper had this to share: “We mix 1 gallon of paint to 4 gallons of water. This makes 5 gallons and covers one full size field. Lines can be straighter because you move faster and our machine has large wheels. White lines are good (although aerosol lines are a wee bit whiter).”

What does your Region use to line the fields? What products have worked and what tools have not worked out so well? Share your experiences and we’ll publish them in an upcoming issue of AYSO Insider.
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