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How to Attract More Volunteers

At this year's National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in National Harbor, Md., RCs from around the country got together for hours of discussion, problem solving and idea-sharing in the RC Caucuses.

AYSO Insider has collected these caucus topics and the resulting ideas and solutions from the participating RCs, and we are excited to share this information with you over the next several weeks.  

The candid challenges and helpful proposed resolutions will only be published in AYSO Insider, so be sure to check back in every week!

This week's challenge: How to attract and register more volunteers.

Express line for volunteers
. At your next registration event, include a no-waiting express line exclusively for volunteers. Not only is this a great perk for people that already volunteer it’s a creative incentive for new parents to sign up for a volunteer position.

Communicate what is needed to run your Region. Whether it’s in your Region newsletter, on social media, included in flyers or posters at a registration event, don’t be shy to share the number of volunteers it takes to run your Region. Numbers such as “We need 50 more coaches for a smooth season” or “100 referees away from a fully-staffed crew” may surprise a lot of parents and encourage them to pitch in.

Offer positions with small time commitments. For the parents who are not able to dedicate larger chunks of time to volunteering, offer positions that are more doable. For example, field lining, goal set up, snack bar duty and similar positions are quick, and only require parents to show up an hour or two early on game days. Publicize these opportunities so parents know that they’re out there and available.

Let them see you having fun! Nothing is a better advertisement than the smiling faces of current volunteers. If parents see you and your fellow volunteers out there on practice and game days smiling and having a great time, they’ll be jealous that they’re missing out on all of the fun!

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