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How to Deal with Competition from Club Soccer

At this year's National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in National Harbor, Md., RCs from around the country got together for hours of discussion, problem solving and idea-sharing in the RC Caucuses.

AYSO Insider has collected these caucus topics and the resulting ideas and solutions from the participating RCs, and we are excited to share this information with you over the next several weeks.  

The candid challenges and helpful proposed resolutions will only be published in AYSO Insider, so be sure to check back in every week!

This week's challenge: How to deal with competition from club soccer organizations.

Encourage players to market the program.
Consider offering a “Bring a Friend” program that would give a registration discount to players who invite their friends to register. Also, your Region can try incorporating a “Wear Your Jersey to School Day” so that all of your Region’s players wear their AYSO gear to school, which would also be a great advertisement.

Give players additional opportunities to play. This could be creating tournament teams for holiday tournaments or starting an EXTRA™ program to give players who seek a more progressive and competitive program. More opportunities to play gives players a reason to stay with your Region’s program and not look elsewhere. Learn more about EXTRA.

Partner up with other organizations. Earlier this year, AYSO Insider reported how Region 18 in Manhattan Beach, Calif., actually partnered up with a club organization to help fund their turf field makeover. Are there ways that you and the local club organization can help each other? Are there nearby baseball or basketball leagues that would be interested in promoting soccer while your Region points families in their direction in the off-season? There are a lot of opportunities to consider.

Maintain quality. The best way to keep your customers (parents, players and volunteers) happy is to maintain a quality product (soccer experience). If your Region’s volunteers are trained and certified, your teams are well-balanced and the rest of AYSO’s six philosophies are fully embraced and applied, then your players and volunteers will keep coming back for more!

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