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RC Tips

How to Handle an Underperforming Volunteer

At this year's National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in National Harbor, Md., RCs from around the country got together for hours of discussion, problem solving and idea-sharing in the RC Caucuses.

AYSO Insider has collected these caucus topics and the resulting ideas and solutions from the participating RCs, and we are excited to share this information with you over the next several weeks.  

The candid challenges and helpful proposed resolutions will only be published in AYSO Insider, so be sure to check back in every week!

This week's challenge: How to handle a volunteer who is not performing their delegated task.

See below for solutions proposed by your fellow RCs:

•    Because the volunteer is struggling with one task, that doesn’t mean they can’t volunteer in another capacity. Have a chat with that volunteer, refocus their passion and find a volunteer position that would suit him/her better.

•    Maybe there’s something you can change on your end. Reassess the job’s responsibilities and if necessary, make changes that make the position more “doable.”

•    Worst case scenario: sometimes you have to let underperforming volunteers go, especially when his/her attitude or job performance is toxic. Be sure to thank the volunteer for his/her contribution!
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