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Slow Parent Phone Calls in 3 Easy Steps

Another season of AYSO soccer is nearing, and there are probably plenty of parents trying to get a hold of you with questions like "Why haven't I heard from my coach?", "When does the season start?", etc.
If you're finding that the deluge of calls and emails are hard to manage, use these three steps to set up automatic email and phone responses that can answer common parent FAQs:
1. Create an additional Region email address, set it to auto-reply, and include questions and answers to parent FAQs in the auto-reply message. (Click here for an example auto-reply email with FAQs.)
2. Consider purchasing a general Region phone line and set up a voicemail message to play immediately after the number is dialed that provides the questions and answers to parent FAQs. (Click here for a list of recommended providers.)
3. Once your auto-reply email and voice messages are set, be sure to publicize the email address and phone number on your Region website homepage, your AYSO email signature, and any other helpful locations. Let parents know that by calling this number or emailing this address, their questions will be answered.

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