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Think Before You Sign: How to Protect your Region’s Assets

With the arrival of the New Year, it’s a great time to refresh our memories on important guidelines to protect your Region’s financial assets, so your players’ fees can be focused on delivering great programs.

Whenever your Region plans to enter into a contract – whether for field space, for uniform and supply vendors, event vendors, paid trainers or referees, or for rental space -- make sure your contract is sent to the National Office for review before you sign it. Fine print in a contract can come back to haunt a Region.
AYSO’s National Office and Legal Commission are available to review contracts to make sure your Region is protected and potential liabilities, indemnity and insurance are covered. It’s also important to note that AYSO’s national sponsors provide critical financing and in-kind goods to keep Regions’ player fees low and the support to AYSO’s Regions high – so before you finalize any local sponsorship arrangements, be sure to check first that it would not conflict with an existing exclusive national AYSO sponsorship.

Your energy is best devoted to ensuring your Region delivers great programs and provides a fun, safe family environment to our kids. The AYSO National Office and Legal Commission are there to keep your legal hassles and unpleasant surprises to a minimum – so check in with Holly Veach or Kim Roberts Hedgpeth at the National Office before signing an agreement to make sure you’re covered!

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