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Shutterfly FAQ

FAQ For Region, Area and Section Leadership

What is a Shutterfly Team Share site?

A Team Share site is a customizable website that makes it easy for coaches to communicate with parents and stay organized. Team Share Sites are a hub for all team information. Parents can access the site at any time to get the most up to date team news and schedules. Parents can also privately share pictures with the rest of the team.

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What things can be done on Shutterfly Team Share sites?

You can simply send practice and game reminders, track player availability, schedule snack duties, include a calendar, task list, maps, weather, and safely add pictures and videos and more.

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What should a Regional Commissioner do to take advantage of this opportunity?

All Regions can participate free of charge.

For Regions that use the eAYSO system:

  1. Step 1: Set your Shutterfly Team Share Site release date in eAYSO. We recommend that you select a date shortly after your coaches meeting, and all teams are assigned in eAYSO. Click here for step by step instructions on how to change your "Shutterfly Team Site Release Date".
  2. Step 2: Make sure your Region's teams are complete in eAYSO prior to the Team Share Site Release Date.
  3. Step 3: Shutterfly will automatically send an email to the coach on each team inviting them to activate their Team Share Site.

  4. For Regions that Don't Use eAYSO:

  5. Beginning in August, you will be able to upload an excel spreadsheet containing your team, player name and parent email data directly to Shutterfly, and have AYSO Shutterfly Team Sites automatically created for your Region's teams. You should not include any other information (e.g., home address, phone number, child's school, etc.,) other than team, player name and parent email.
  6. For more information, click here.


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What are the benefits to the Region?

Making team administration easier and less time consuming makes the volunteer experience a happier one. It may help that coach decide to return next season. It cuts the coach administrative time drastically. 

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Can I get help building our teams in eAYSO?

If your Region does not already enter its team information into eAYSO, a step-by-step practice exercise demonstrating how to build teams in eAYSO is available under the HELP menu on the home page. Select the ONLINE LAB tab from the HELP screen and download the Exercise and Appendix for the Region Team exercise.

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How will AYSO team sites be created?

A private, Shutterfly AYSO team site will automatically be created for each team that is formed in eAYSO. As the primary team contact, the coach will be notified via email when the site becomes available. This takes place once teams are formed in eAYSO and if there is a valid email address for the coach. The roster data used in the Team Share site is for convenience only and is limited to the child's name and parents' email addresses that were provided during registration. Only the Region can supply the confirmed final roster and the coach is advised of that in the set-up process. Player adds, drops or changes can be manually updated by the coach on the site's roster. AYSO coaches will be the administrative owner to their respective team's site, and will receive the initial notification that the site is available for review. Coaches will review the initial list of players and parents before granting them access to the site.

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What is unique about the AYSO Team Share sites?

AYSO Teams sites will be distributed to each team before the season begins. The sites will include the team roster and parent contact information and are designed to fit the needs of AYSO teams. AYSO Team Share Sites are private and only accessible by members of the site.

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Can a coach designate others to administer the team site?

Yes, a coach may designate the Team Parent or other registered AYSO volunteer to handle it.

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Are Team Share sites open to the public?

No. AYSO team sites are only viewable by members of each site, and are not open to the general public.

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Is it safe to share pictures and videos on AYSO team sites?

Yes. Pictures and videos posted to AYSO team sites are only viewable by members of that site, and are not open to the general public. AYSO team sites on Shutterfly will always be defaulted to a private, members-only setting. Furthermore, AYSO team sites are not indexed into Internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

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Will anybody be able to get into a team's AYSO team site?

Shutterfly team sites feature privacy controls that mean a site is only accessible to those who are selected and invited as members. Logging in with the appropriate Shutterfly account credentials is required to ensure that only members of each team site can access the sites' protected content. The initial list of members will include only those parents who registered their child via eAYSO. Only the team's coach, or parents who are assigned as site owners by the coach, can approve and invite additional members. However, as with any web-based communications, all precautions should be taken to avoid uploading private information and to ensure your computer is secured with anti-malware programs.

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Is it safe to view my Shutterfly Team Site on an unsecured network?

Typically, free public Wi- Fi is hosted on unsecure wireless networks, leaving them vulnerable to outsiders and possibly hackers. Because of this, it's important not to log in to any personal, password-protected sites while using unsecured Wi-Fi. This includes everything from bank and email accounts to social media profiles.

Many sites are protected through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol which - even when using a public Wi-Fi - verifies the legitimacy of the site, ensures the connection hasn't been altered by a hacker, and protects information from the user to the site from being intercepted. Secure website addresses usually begin with "https" instead of "http." A website that doesn't use SSL is not secure and information can be obtained by a hacker if the user is working over an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

A number of social sharing sites, including Shutterfly sites, do not use SSL completely. Be cautious when using open public Wi-Fi networks by ensuring the site you're visiting is SSL protected or purchase a private, portable, password-protected hot spot to protect you if using a public Wi-Fi.

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Is AYSO selling my personal information, like my E-mail address, to Shutterfly?

No. The limited information that pre-populates your team's site is only available to your coach and team members.

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Am I going to start getting any unsolicited email communications?

AYSO team sites rely on email to deliver many of their benefits, including notifications of site updates, and messages from the coach or other parents - however, site members may choose to opt out of emails from the team site if they wish. Also, in order to enjoy the benefits of team sites, you will need to have a free Shutterfly account, which takes just a few seconds to create. As a member of Shutterfly, you may receive occasional communications directly from Shutterfly, but you can also easily opt out of these communications if you do not wish to receive them.

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Can I opt out of having my child and his/her information displayed on the site?

Yes. Coaches and other appointed site owners can remove a player from the site's team roster.

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What happens to the team site once the season is over?

AYSO team sites continue to live on Shutterfly, free of charge, as an archive of the season's memories. Members will continue to be able to log in to the site, to view or save pictures and videos of the season, order prints or create photo books or other keepsakes. The sites remain private and Shutterfly has a strict policy against deleting its members' photos, so the team's memories will be kept safe on its team site into the future.

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For more information and FAQ's about team sites in General, and Shutterfly's policies please visit:

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