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Pick a New Place for Your Registration Event
Are your registration numbers down or stagnant? Looking for new ideas to give your registration numbers a boost for the upcoming season? Try having one of your registration events somewhere new such as a neighborhood gathering or community market.
3 Tips to Help Your Region Recruit Coaches
Face to face recruiting is the best way to get new volunteers; however, finding enough coaches can be one of the toughest challenges during registration season. Here are three tips to help your Region recruit AYSO coaches.
New Registration/Application Forms Coming Soon
The waiver language on the Player Registration form and the Volunteer Application form is changing for the 2013 Membership Year. These changes are necessary and important for the protection of both AYSO's families and the organization.
Registration FAQ Flyer for Families
The "Whew! I've Registered - Now What?" flyer is great to keep on hand during your Region's registration event. It includes several frequently asked questions and important facts that will help your Region's families feel at ease and informed.
How to Transfer AYSO Players
Need to transfer a player from one Region to another? It's easy!
eAYSO's eSign Filter Enhancement
Regions now have the ability to filter players and volunteers who have an incomplete eSignature application.
Keep the Kids Busy on Registration Day
For Regions that do in-person registrations, you know what it's like to have a crowd of people anxiously awaiting to sign up - not to mention the kiddos that are likely getting restless and starting to complain.
Are Your Players/Volunteers Registered in eAYSO?
The purpose of registering all players and volunteers in eAYSO is to ensure that everyone has access to AYSO's full benefits
The Dropped Player Process
The dropped player process involves the Registrar and the Treasurer, and consists of five easy steps
4 Ways to Promote Parents Using eAYSO
eAYSO can be a Registrar's best friend. If your Region has a low percentage of parents filling out the Player Registration Form in advance on, printing out three copies and bringing them to registration, here are four smart ways to promote parents using eAYSO.
9 Benefits of Online Registration
Encouraging parents and volunteers to sign-up online through eAYSO has a multitude of benefits, including saving time, avoiding errors and conserving paper!
Get a Head Start on Registration for Next Season!
Get a jump on next season's registration and start spreading the word to your Region's families and volunteers now. If you catch players, parents and volunteers while they are having a great time participating in the AYSO season, they'll be more enthusiastic about registering for next year.
Registrar Resource Quick Tip
When publicizing your Region's additional registration opportunities, try using the phrase "last chance registration" instead of "late registration".
5 Tips for Handling Problematic Volunteer Sign Ups
In my years as a Management Instructor, I have taught the Registrar workshop well over 100 times and hear so many great tips that I love to pass on. In almost every Registrar workshop, someone asks what to do about the volunteers who sign up their husbands or wives to be a coach or referee.
How to Register VIP Players in eAYSO
VIP is a division just like U-8 or U-14 and the National Office likes to keep accurate numbers of players playing in each division, so be sure to select the VIP tab in the Division box when adding a VIP player.
9 Fun Ways to Improve Your Registration
Hold an extra registration event. Choose a location for your extra event that is in a different part of town to help spread the word and help with growth.
Publicize Your Region's Registration Event
Last year, one AYSO Region invited a local radio station to their registration event, and it was a tremendous success. During the four-hour registration, the DJ interviewed coaches, referees, Regional Board Members, players and parents.
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