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3 Advantages of Having Business Cards

Business cards are a useful tool for volunteer recruitment, giving your Region a very professional feel and making it easier to communicate with your Region’s Board. AYSO provides business card templates for your Region hereand printing them is very cheap through sites like Vista Print.

If you’re considering getting business cards for your Region’s Board Members, here are five advantages to making it happen: 

Makes your Region more professional
Business cards are a great way to identify who is responsible for what role and to easily exchange contact information. Handing over a business card is always more impressive and professional than scrambling for your phone or a pen and paper 

Conflict resolution 

When an issue comes up, the other party wants to make sure they communicate with the correct person. There are times of conflict when Regional Board Members need to show that they’re the person who can deal with a confrontational parent or volunteer. Having cards with the roles of each Board Member solves this issue and gives the parent or volunteer peace of mind. 

Helps with volunteer and player recruitment

AYSO business cards are a great tool to recruit potential volunteers at supermarkets, gas stations and anywhere you come in to contact with other people. You never know when you’ll run in to your next Board Member so be prepared by always having a few business cards on hand. 

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