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6 Useful Tools for Registrars

Creating a positive and far reaching image of your AYSO Region can help attract more families, local sponsors and get kids eager to stick around long term. To help you brand and market AYSO to your communities and to help give your Registration events a new look, here are six tools, all available in the Marketing Toolkit, or the Supply Center, to help you achieve your registration, branding and communication goals: 

1. AYSO Six Philosophies and Vision/Mission poster: Set the tone for your Region by posting up Philosophies and Vision/Mission posters throughout your registration events. You can order the posters through the supply center or make your own using the template in the Marketing Toolkit.

2. Be open about your refund policy: Once you’ve set your refund policy, communicate it to parents on the fence about joining so they feel comfortable about their decision. Post your refund policy on an easily accessible part of your website and tape it to the tables at registration. 

3. Hand out “Who in the World Does All This?” flyers: Who Trains the coaches, paints the fields, coaches the kids and handles publicity? Answer all these questions in a powerful way with this informational graphic. Blow it up to poster size and laminate it for your registration events, or keep them at every table! 

4. Answer the FAQs before they come up: Use this FAQ template with all the information parents will need including how often are practices, when games are held, when coaches get their teams and other frequently asked questions. 

5. Have a volunteer counter: Regions should know exactly how many volunteers they need to recruit for every position, not just coaches and referees. Put the number up at registration, communicate the commitment preferred for each and give parents the chance to pick the one they want to take. When someone steps up and takes the role, make it fun and celebrate! 

6. AYSO car wrap: Are volunteers in your Region willing to turn their automobiles in to AYSO-mobiles? The car wrap could be a perfect marketing tool to get the word about about AYSO in your community! 

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