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9 Fun Ways to Improve Your Registration

With the end of the season approaching, there isn’t a better time to start thinking of ways to improve registration for next season. Here are nine fun ways to improve your Region’s registration event and get higher registration numbers.

1.    Hold an extra registration event. Choose a location for your extra event that is in a different part of town to help spread the word and help with growth.

2.    Use a calling company to call parents of prospective and former players to get the message out about registration.

3.    Form collaborations with non-competing groups or organizations in your Region. Set up a table at your registration event, advertising their organizations and ask them to do the same for your Region. Possible collaborations include:
     •    Boy/Girl Scouts
     •    Nursery schools
     •    Gymnastics
     •    School clubs

4.    Use a DJ at your registration event. One Region that tried this said that it worked out wonderfully. The DJ interviewed players, parents, the RC, coaches, referees and other volunteers. There was no cost to the Region and the radio station received great exposure, so it ended up being a win-win for everyone.

5.    Share the workload. Ask each of your Board Members to put up at least two posters advertising your Region’s registration event. Make a list of where all the posters will be put at a Regional board meeting to make sure that they are spread evenly throughout the community.

6.    Make your registration an event. Here are some fun ideas that will make your registration event a memorable one:
     •    Pizza Party
     •    Speed line for returning volunteers
     •    Offer refreshments
     •    Have a volunteer ask questions of parents waiting in line for registration and give out small prizes for correct answers. Possible questions: “Who can name the 6 AYSO Philosophies?” “Who has more than three children playing AYSO this season?” “Who is our Regional Commissioner?”

7.    Make a deal with a local business. Consider holding a registration event at a local restaurant or business in exchange for coupons or discounted prices especially for AYSO players and/or volunteers.

8.    End the season right. Having a small, informal registration event at the end of the season is a great way to get a head start on next season. Offer incentives for volunteers to sign up at that time, possibly a coupon for your Region’s concession stand.

9.    Incorporate eAYSO. Set up a few laptop computers and small printers at your registration, allowing parents who haven’t used eAYSO to give it a try and ask for assistance.

Making your Region’s registration day(s) a memorable event is an opportunity to not only set a good impression with potential players and volunteers, but is also a great way to start a positive word of mouth about your Region and all it has to offer.


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