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Registrar News and Tips

5 Tips for Handling Problematic Volunteer Sign Ups

By Rosanne MacPhail, National Management Administrator

In my years as a Management Instructor, I have taught the Registrar workshop well over 100 times and hear so many great tips that I love to pass on. In almost every Registrar workshop, someone asks what to do about the volunteers who sign up their husbands or wives to be a coach or referee. Here are five ways to handle this situation:
  1. Next to the name of the new potential coach/referee write "SP." This means that the registration recruiters never talked to the actual volunteer, only to the spouse.
  2. Provide the spouse with a flyer which gives exact instructions for the potential coach/referee to apply as a volunteer on eAYSO.
  3. Also, always have a flyer announcing the coach/referee clinics that your Region and/or Area are offering. Ask the spouse to take it home for the potential coach/referee.
  4. Within two weeks, make sure the Regional Coach, Referee Administrator or another designated volunteer calls the new potential coach or referee.
  5. Remember, when that call is made - don't ask a question you may not like the answer to.

  6. Don't ask: "Are you interested in being a coach/referee?" Or: "Did your husband/wife tell you that he/she volunteered you to be a coach/referee?"

    Do say: "I'm calling to remind you that the coach/referee training will take place this Saturday. I look forward to meeting you then." Or: "Your husband/wife told us you are looking forward to this coach/referee experience to spend quality time with your children. You have picked the right program."
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