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Online Registration


Have parents and volunteers sign up online.

  • AYSO's online registration tool can be found at
  • It takes an average of 4 minutes to enter all the required information for one player or volunteer handwritten on a paper application. It will take only 30 seconds to process an application completed online.
  • Required personal identifying information (SSN, DL #, etc.) is encrypted on entry and much more secure than using paper forms. No more hassles for Registrars with incomplete forms!
  • Parents/volunteers only have to do this once. If they choose to save a user name and password, next season it will take them less than 1 minute to sign up again!
  • They can print the needed copies of their own forms on the spot. Special software is no longer needed to print. Or the region can arrange to print for them.
  • No handwriting to decipher! Fewer data errors! All info is up to date!
  • Registrars need only use a few mouse clicks to accept a player or volunteer who has signed up online. Little or no typing!
  • Many schools, libraries and community centers have banks of computers that might be used for members who don't have computer access of their own.
  • Improved offline module can be used where dial-up connections are slow. Data can be entered on one or more computers at registration, then uploaded to eAYSO later.

For returning players and volunteers not signing up online, use pre-printed forms!

  • Six to eight weeks prior to your first registration event, contact the National Office to order a pre-registration (pre-reg) kit. Request pre-printed forms for your returning players and volunteers
  • One pre-reg kit is provided free of charge to each Region once each season. A nominal charge for additional forms/supplies thereafter. PLAN AHEAD! These forms must be ordered 4-6 weeks before your first registration event.
  • Send the forms to the families to review and sign OR have a separate line at your event for returning folks. They'll appreciate the express service!
  • The forms need only be reviewed and any changes or corrections noted, then signed and dated before submission.
  • Registrants with pre-printed forms can be accepted by the Registrar much more quickly, typing only any changes or corrections. Helps avoid the creation of duplicate records!

Handout for parents about online registration

Click for online registration

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