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A Region is entitled to a Registration Kit once per Membership Year.

Authorized Regional Persons are as follows (Must also be listed as Authorized Purchaser):

  • Regional Commissioner
  • Registrar
  • Treasurer
List of items below are also included in the Registration Kit:

Quantities are based on the player count from the previous year….
  • 70%  Save Haven Brochures-­‐25pk (GESAF-­7)
  • 30%  Parents Guide to AYSO (GS207-­7)
  • .6%  Player Registration Posters (GS301-­9)
  • .4%  Volunteer Recruitment Posters (GS303-‐9)
  • .4%  Calling All Girls Posters (GS307‐9)
  • 100%  Parent/Athlete Concussion Information (CON001-‐1)
If a Spanish Registration Kit is requested, standard quantities unless specified by Registration Dept:
  • 50  Spanish ABCs of AYSO (GS207S-­‐7)
  • 2  Spanish Player Registration Posters (GS301S-­‐9)
  • 50  Spanish Parent/Athlete Concussion Information (CON001S-­‐1)
  • 100  Spanish Safe Haven Brochure (GESAFS-­‐7)

Any questions please contact Sandra Meadows at or 800-872-2976, ext. 7965.

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