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Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is a heat-related syndrome, which ranges in severity from mild heat cramps to heat exhaustion to potentially life-threatening heatstroke.
Have You Secured Your Field Permits?
Have you secured field use permits for your practice and game fields, Opening Day festivities, training sessions and other events for the upcoming membership year? Now is the time!
Concussion Information Sheet Requirements
When registering a player, parents who use eAYSO and eSign are asked to review and eSign the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet for the Region.
How to Protect Kids in Public Spaces
AYSO has policies in place to protect the identities of children in public spaces. This includes not including names (or tagging names on social media) with a picture, with a jersey number or a roster.
Ask Risk Management Your Safety Questions
AYSO recommends that Safety Directors and other Region Board members become familiar with the FAQs for AYSO's Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) coverage in order to better assist parents and volunteers.
Beach Soccer Not Sanctioned by AYSO
It's important to know that AYSO teams participating in beach soccer and beach soccer tournaments is not authorized by AYSO.
How to Host a Safe Tournament
Tournament staff should be aware that the safety and well-being of all the participants (players, parents, visitors and staff) should be a priority when planning a tournament.
How to Secure Certificates of Insurance
A certificate of insurance, or proof of liability coverage, is usually required by property owners such as school districts, city recreations departments, and private businesses before they issue a "Use Permit" to any organization
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