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12 Reminders and Tips for Registration

Registration could be a hectic time for your Region. To help you make sure everything is being taken care of, here are 12 reminders and suggestions for a successful registration:

1. Have all volunteers logon to eAYSO to complete and eSign their applications for MY2015. 

2. Don’t renew a volunteer from a previous membership or submit a new volunteer without an originally signed volunteer application (if the volunteer is unable to eSign). These steps will set the red flag for the volunteer until their originally signed volunteer application is received by the Safe Haven department or the volunteer goes into eAYSO and completes an eSignature.

3. Register all approved/accepted volunteers and assign them to their positions as soon as possible to enable MY2015 background checking.

4. Make sure teams have at least one registered, trained and certified team coach and assistant coach.

5. Any size Region can benefit from having Division Coordinators, whether you have one per age division and gender or just one for all girls and one for all boys. Division Coordinators play a key role in resolving disputes and in helping the Region manage the program.

6. Consider registering team parents and asking them to help collect signed Kid’s Zone pledges and pass out Kid’s Zone lollipops to spectators who need a gentle reminder about positive behavior and good sportsmanship. 

7. Please check photo IDs and references for brand new volunteers. For more info, see the CVPA manual.

8. Remember that the little Red Flag can mean one of several things: 
1) The volunteer submitted their application, answered “yes” to the conviction question and is being screened by Safe Haven.
2) The volunteer completed a hand-signed application and was input or renewed by Region. This volunteer remains red-flagged until the original hand-signed copy of the volunteer application is received by Safe Haven.
3) The volunteer has either missing, incorrect or incomplete information on their application. 
4) The applicant or registered volunteer was screened and disqualified from volunteering based on the results of their background check.

9. Volunteers who have answered “yes” in the past are automatically red-flagged by the system upon re-applying regardless of their current status. They will be processed as quickly as possible to restore their status.

10. If a volunteer is in NE status, is red-flagged after being renewed by the Region from a hand-signed form or wants to eSign/is having difficulty using eSign, please direct the volunteer to contact the eAYSO Help Desk at 1-800-588-2976. 

11. Don’t forget to send all originally hand signed applications to the National Office immediately so they can be background checked and have the red flag removed.

12. RCs, ADs, SDs and CVPAs can all use the CVPA SEARCH feature in eAYSO to check on the status of a volunteer.

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