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How to Protect Kids in Public Spaces

AYSO has policies in place to protect the identities of children in public spaces.  

This includes not including names (or tagging names on social media) with a picture, with a jersey number or a roster. It's important that nothing can be used to pinpoint the identity of child to a stranger.

Many teams, families, parents and players have long enjoyed publishing a team's accomplishment in a local newspaper. Considering this tradition, AYSO now recommends that as long as the parents agree to the publication, a team picture can be published.  

The picture should not include a list of names identifying the children in the picture: "Back row, left to right: etc." A list of all players can be published as long as it does not pinpoint a child's identity.

When it comes to listing scores/statistics of games, do not list names with jersey numbers and if player stats are listed, only the last names of the players should be used.

The same precautions should be used on Team Banners, as these banners are displayed in very public places.
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