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Tips For Safely Using a Golf Cart

Golf carts or Utility Task Vehicle (UTV's) are becoming a large part of Regional activities.  The vehicles provide necessary assistance to volunteers while they perform a multitude of tasks.  However the safe use and storage of these vehicles should be primary for any Region operating them.  
•    Use of the vehicles should be limited to a strict number of registered volunteers and the list approved at a Regional meeting yearly.
•    All approved drivers should be 18 years of age with a valid driver's license.
•    All approved drivers should be trained on how to operate the vehicle per the manufacturer's manual.  
•    All approved drivers should be trained on how to properly store the vehicles when not in use for short or long periods of time.
o    Suggestion: Copy the Operating directions from the owner's manual and create a document all approved drivers can sign after training. The signed documents should be saved by the Safety Director.
•    The vehicles must not be used to carry more people than allowed in the manual.  
•    All drivers must also understand the importance of maintaining a slow speed when operating the vehicles around soccer fields filled with players and parents.
•    Regional Equipment Insurance is recommended for all Region's who own UTV's.  Click here to find more information.


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