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Pass these tips along to parents and team players about proper eating habits before, during and after a soccer game:

  • Eat far enough ahead so food doesn't make you sick to your stomach during the soccer game.
  • Eat a healthy meal about 3 or 4 hours before your practice or match.
  • If you must snack, eat only a small quantity of a complex carbohydrates. Foods such as cereal, English muffins, pasta or a piece of toast. Just make sure you don't eat less than an hour before the game!
  • Three hours before any sport activity, drink a couple of glasses of water (12 oz. sized glass).
  • Don't gulp! Sip the water slowly. One hour before game time, drink a little more water. During the match, drink a little water every 15 minutes or so. Drinking fluids is important! After the game, drink more water.
  • Thirty minutes after any competition, eat a meal high in complex carbohydrates to help restore your body's blood sugar (glycogen levels).

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