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Safety Director

Why should a safety director try to change and or at least improve the process every year?

Create a feeling that potential volunteers will be protected Break old habits Equipment, field conditions and facilities may change every year Every region should continually evaluate this process

What are some things that can be done to improve the process?

  • Meet with the entire regional board. Discuss safety problems that might involve volunteers working with each of them.
  • Make a list of all fields and facilities used for soccer games and events.
  • Create a committee who will inspect and evaluate the conditions of each facility and field Always have a debriefing after every major event. What worked? What didn't? How could safety be improved?
  • Create a form that will help your committee evaluate field and facility conditions

Which board members should the Safety Director interact with? How and why?

  • Regional Commissioner
    • Are there any changes planned for next year?
    • Will these changes have any effect on safety?
    • What are the dates, times and locations for this season' games?
  • Regional Coach and Referee Administrators
    • When will you be meeting with the coaches and referees?
    • Make sure you are on the agenda to speak of accident procedures
  • Field Coordinator
    • Go over safety procedures for fields
    • Decide which hospital and ambulance should be called from each field
    • Organize a committee to report on field conditions that would affect the safety of the players, parents, coaches and referees

  • Registrar
    • Stress the importance of legible emergency information on player registration forms

How can the safety director begin a succession plan?

  • Appoint an assistant
  • Create a safety "TEAM" and give them a chance to be in on the decision making process
  • Thank - Thank - Thank your workers in every possible way. They will return.
  • Delegate and see who performs well.

What would be some goals for next year?

  • Improved communication with players, parents, coaches, referees concerning the accident procedure
  • Work together with the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate to protect everyone who participates in AYSO.
  • Get more volunteers involved in the process

What is the worst nightmare for every safety director?

Answer: Accidents that go unreported

What can be done?

  •  Have a policy set up Make sure every board member understands the policy and supports it
  •  Be proactive - don't operate a "crisis management" safety program. Identify potential problems before they occur.


  • The safety director's job is extremely important to the well being of the region.
  • It is important to find ways to improve the process every year.
  • The safety director needs to communicate and interact with all the regional board members to achieve success.
  • A succession plan should be started the first year.
  • Set measurable and attainable goals to improve every year.
  • Don't ever be content with the safety of players and volunteers in your region. Believe that you can always do better.
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