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ian mcmahonAYSO Hires New National Executive Director
National President Mark Stewart has announced Ian McMahon as AYSO’s new National Executive Director. Most recently, Ian served as CEO of Hong Kong Sevens/Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU), the National Governing Body of Hong Kong rugby. The Hong Kong Sevens is the largest tournament of its kind in the world. Prior to embracing the challenge of working in rugby, Ian spent more than 20 years as a successful CEO, president and general manager of various soccer organizations in Europe and the U.S., each of which he led to record growth.
Important Updates to NAP Codes
To streamline the sales tax process, the National Account Program (NAP) Chart of Accounts has been updated.
Dropped Player Deadline is July 31
The deadline to receive credit for MY2013 dropped players is July 31, 2014!
AYSO and Electronic Payments
The National Office receives a lot of important information off of the check image shown on the bank statement. Because of this valuable information, it violates AYSO policy to use electronic payments to pay Region invoices
The Top 5 Most Common NAP Questions
“Why can’t we use a Regional debit card?” Using a Regional debit card violates the rule that every payment must be issued by check. The reason that all payments must be issued by check is that each payment must have two signatures (authorizations) and when a check is issued, the National Accounting Program (NAP) Account Code is visible on the bank statement.
Plan an Annual Budget for Your Region
The National Board of Directors (NBOD) has made it mandatory that all Regions prepare an annual budget for each upcoming fiscal year. Your budget must be submitted to the National Office, with a copy to the Area Director, no later than June 1.
How to Accept Credit Card Payments for Registration Fees
AYSO has paired up with Corduro! Corduro offers a competitive per-transaction fee, averaging 2.5 percent per transaction (excluding American Express), with no monthly, annual or setup fees.
Contact the National Office with Tax Filing Questions
To avoid confusion from government agencies, please contact the National Office prior to asking questions of your local or state government.
Coding Adjustments
If you find you have coded a check wrong and want to change your NAP code, simply email your NAP Representative to have that moved.
eAYSO's Treasurer Guide
Did you know that eAYSO has a user guide available just for Treasurers? Accessing the guide is easy!
The 10 Top Benefits You Get From NAP
As a National Accounting Program (NAP) enrolled member, you benefit from a wide variety of account/management tools that can help manage your spending and budget planning throughout the AYSO fiscal year.
1099 Due Date Is Right Around The Corner!
Even though the 1099 due date is not until Jan. 10., it is a good idea to start looking at the companies or individuals your Area is paying and verify if they require a 1099 at the end of the year.
Stay Off the Top 5 AR Report
This is a top five that you don't want to be a part of! The Top 5 Accounts Receivable (AR) Report is a monthly report sent to all Section and Area Directors that lists each Section's five highest outstanding AR balances that are over 61 days overdue.
Update Your Regions Bank Account Info
Make sure your Region's bank account information is current by logging into eAYSO and selecting "Account Settings" from the Treasurer's menu.
How to Read Your Monthly AR Statement
Your monthly Accounts Receivable (AR) statement is posted on by the 10th of every month. This is a summary of all outstanding invoices including registration, Supply Center and eSignature, and any un-applied credits.
Accessing AR Statements In eAYSO
Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about how to access your AR Statements
What Can Your NAP Representative Do For You
Did you know each Section - and all of the Areas and Regions - has their own NAP Representative? To find out who is your NAP Representative, click here. Here are nine things your NAP Representative can do for you:
How to Process and Check Dropped Players
Process dropped players for credit by following five easy steps.
eSign is Free!
AYSO has paired up with merchant services vendor Corduro. Corduro offers a competitive per transaction fee and no monthly, annual or setup fees.
AYSO's New Merchant Services Vendor
AYSO has paired up with merchant services vendor Corduro. Corduro offers a competitive per transaction fee and no monthly, annual or setup fees.
Create a Remittance Advice in 8 Easy Steps
In order to make sure the National Office applies your checks properly, it is best to send a remittance advice along with your check. Follow these eight easy steps to create a remittance advice in eAYSO.
Remember To Verify Bank Information
Please verify that your Region's bank account information and authorized signers list is up to date.
SAR Numbers Must Be On Bank Statements
It is required that the Section, Area or Region (SAR) number appear on the bank statement header address when setting up an AYSO NAP account. It should be listed as AYSO - Region XXXX.
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