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AYSOAYSO is Still in San Pedro, CA.
Many of you may have seen or heard about an article run by local papers and news sites this past Sunday. We take this opportunity to clarify and to correct the articles and the circumstances.
For Player Safety, AYSO Invokes Law Four
As stated in Law Four of FIFA Laws of the Game and in section VI of AYSO Laws and Regulations, players are not allowed in wear any type of jewelry on his or her body, including in the hair.
Join the NAGM or EXPO Task Force
The National Office is putting together an two separate task forces to review activities at EXPOs and NAGM that are not part of the EXPO/NAGM's business meeting requirements.
wear your ayso 2Wear Your AYSO Fall 2016
Get your engines started, #WearYourAYSO is coming back on our birthday, Sept.15 and this year is going to the biggest year yet!
Gyasi Zardes CommercialGyasi Zardes Stars in Latest AYSO Commercial!
In case you missed it, FOX Sports 1 debuted a new commercial featuring ‪‎AYSO‬ alum and U.S. Men's National team star Gyasi Zardes during the ‪U.S. Men's National team‬ pregame show against Ecuador!
Clarification of Budget Signature Process
With the June 1 due date for Region budgets approaching, questions have arisen regarding submission of those budgets with the spreadsheet form that has an Area Director signature box or via NAP Online that does not have an approval requirement.
NAP Account Codes Used for State Sales Tax Filings
The National Office uses the NO TAX PAID codes to file and submit payment for the tax due to each state.
snow gloveAYSO National Office's Holiday Hours
National Office Hours AYSO will close on Dec. 24 at 12:00 p.m., PT and will resume normal business hours on Monday, Jan. 4. Thank you and happy holidays!
1099 Due Date Is Right Around The Corner!
Even though the 1099 due date is not until Jan. 10., it is a good idea to start looking at the companies or individuals your Area is paying and verify if they require a 1099 at the end of the year.
New Expense Reimbursement System at the National Office
AYSO has implemented Chrome River, an expense reimbursement system, to help make everyone in your Region’s life easier. Effective Sept. 30, all expense reimbursement requests to the National Office will need to be submitted using the Chrome River system.
mark stewart, national presidentMark Stewart Reelected as National President
AYSO Executive Members have reelected Mark Stewart as AYSO's National President during the National Annual General Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz.
New NBOD 2015Executive Members Elect New National Board of Directors
During the final day of NAGM, AYSO Executive Members elected Bob Daniel, Janet Braun and Aaron Luce to serve on the National Board of Directors.
Annual Budget Planning For Your Region
The budget deadline for your Region is on June 1st for the fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016). Note: If a current budget is not on file at the AYSO National Office, Regional Commissioner re-appointment and new appointment approval requests will be delayed.
Try NAP Online!
NAP Online is a secure web-based accounting and bookkeeping system. Check out the “About NAP Online” video to get a rundown of what it can do for you. If you’re more of a hands on learner, you can also log into the demo site to play around in the system using your eAYSO username and password.
Your Very Own NAP Representative!
A NAP (National Accounting Program) Representative can provide answers to many of your finance and accounting related needs. They can help with the following (and more!):
Important 1099 Due Date Fast Approaching!
With the Jan.10, 2015 deadline for your IRS 1099 forms approaching, make sure your Region is finalizing the list of companies or individuals you’ve paid that require a 1099 at the end of the year. Companies or individuals requiring a 1099 are considered independent contractors who are paid more than $600 during the calendar year.
Accepting Credit Card Payments for Registration Fees
Is your Region interested in accepting credit card payments for registration fees? AYSO has paired up with Corduro who offers a competitive per transaction fee, averaging 3% per transaction, with no monthly, annual or setup fees.
Check eAYSO for Invoices
Don’t forget to check your outstanding invoices monthly by logging into eAYSO and selecting “Invoices” from the Treasurers menu.
Don’t Forget to Get Credit for Your Region’s Dropped Players
Make sure your Region receives the player fee credit for players that have never played or practiced.
1099 Due Date is Coming Up
Even though the due date for your IRS 1099 form isn't until Jan.10, 2015, it's a good idea to start looking at the companies or individuals your Region is paying and see if they require a 1099 at the end of the year. Companies or individuals requiring a 1099 are considered independent contractors who are paid more than $600 during the calendar year.
ian mcmahonAYSO Hires New National Executive Director
National President Mark Stewart has announced Ian McMahon as AYSO’s new National Executive Director. Most recently, Ian served as CEO of Hong Kong Sevens/Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU), the National Governing Body of Hong Kong rugby. The Hong Kong Sevens is the largest tournament of its kind in the world. Prior to embracing the challenge of working in rugby, Ian spent more than 20 years as a successful CEO, president and general manager of various soccer organizations in Europe and the U.S., each of which he led to record growth.
Important Updates to NAP Codes
To streamline the sales tax process, the National Account Program (NAP) Chart of Accounts has been updated.
Dropped Player Deadline is July 31
The deadline to receive credit for MY2013 dropped players is July 31, 2014!
AYSO and Electronic Payments
The National Office receives a lot of important information off of the check image shown on the bank statement. Because of this valuable information, it violates AYSO policy to use electronic payments to pay Region invoices
The Top 5 Most Common NAP Questions
“Why can’t we use a Regional debit card?” Using a Regional debit card violates the rule that every payment must be issued by check. The reason that all payments must be issued by check is that each payment must have two signatures (authorizations) and when a check is issued, the National Accounting Program (NAP) Account Code is visible on the bank statement.
Plan an Annual Budget for Your Region
The National Board of Directors (NBOD) has made it mandatory that all Regions prepare an annual budget for each upcoming fiscal year. Your budget must be submitted to the National Office, with a copy to the Area Director, no later than June 1.
How to Accept Credit Card Payments for Registration Fees
AYSO has paired up with Corduro! Corduro offers a competitive per-transaction fee, averaging 2.5 percent per transaction (excluding American Express), with no monthly, annual or setup fees.
Stay Off the Top 5 AR Report
This is a top five that you don't want to be a part of! The Top 5 Accounts Receivable (AR) Report is a monthly report sent to all Section and Area Directors that lists each Section's five highest outstanding AR balances that are over 61 days overdue.
Update Your Regions Bank Account Info
Make sure your Region's bank account information is current by logging into eAYSO and selecting "Account Settings" from the Treasurer's menu.
How to Process and Check Dropped Players
Process dropped players for credit by following five easy steps.
How to Read Your Monthly AR Statement
Your monthly Accounts Receivable (AR) statement is posted on by the 10th of every month. This is a summary of all outstanding invoices including registration, Supply Center and eSignature, and any un-applied credits.
The 10 Top Benefits You Get From NAP
As a National Accounting Program (NAP) enrolled member, you benefit from a wide variety of account/management tools that can help manage your spending and budget planning throughout the AYSO fiscal year.
Accessing AR Statements In eAYSO
Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about how to access your AR Statements
What Can Your NAP Representative Do For You
Did you know each Section - and all of the Areas and Regions - has their own NAP Representative? To find out who is your NAP Representative, click here. Here are nine things your NAP Representative can do for you:
Remember To Verify Bank Information
Please verify that your Region's bank account information and authorized signers list is up to date.
Coding Adjustments
If you find you have coded a check wrong and want to change your NAP code, simply email your NAP Representative to have that moved.
Contact the National Office with Tax Filing Questions
To avoid confusion from government agencies, please contact the National Office prior to asking questions of your local or state government.
eAYSO's Treasurer Guide
Did you know that eAYSO has a user guide available just for Treasurers? Accessing the guide is easy!
AYSO's New Merchant Services Vendor
AYSO has paired up with merchant services vendor Corduro. Corduro offers a competitive per transaction fee and no monthly, annual or setup fees.
SAR Numbers Must Be On Bank Statements
It is required that the Section, Area or Region (SAR) number appear on the bank statement header address when setting up an AYSO NAP account. It should be listed as AYSO - Region XXXX.
Create a Remittance Advice in 8 Easy Steps
In order to make sure the National Office applies your checks properly, it is best to send a remittance advice along with your check. Follow these eight easy steps to create a remittance advice in eAYSO.
eSign is Free!
AYSO has paired up with merchant services vendor Corduro. Corduro offers a competitive per transaction fee and no monthly, annual or setup fees.
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