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1099 Due Date is Coming Up

Even though the due date for your IRS 1099 form isn't until Jan.10, 2015, it's a good idea to start looking at the companies or individuals your Region is paying and see if they require a 1099 at the end of the year. Companies or individuals requiring a 1099 are considered independent contractors who are paid more than $600 during the calendar year.

Even if your Region paid an independent contractor less than $600, please submit their information to the National Office. Once you have compiled a list of vendors requiring a 1099, complete the Template for Region Data sheet and email it, along with a completed W-9 for each vendor, to Michelle Yapelli and we will issue the 1099s.

In summary, companies or individuals are independent contractors if they:

•    Performs services for multiple customers.
•    Sets own hours.
•    Determines own price for contracted services.
•    Not eligible for employee benefits.
•    Provides own tools and equipment to complete job.
•    Supplies own materials needed to do job.
•    Personally liable for errors and/or accidents.
•    Files self-employment taxes and receives a Form 1099-MISC.
•    Has the right to hire and fire workers.
•    Must legally complete each contract.

Examples of some Independent Contractors often hired by Regions are:

•    Web site development.
•    Third-party registration system development and maintenance.
•    Bookkeeping services.
•    Security guards.
•    Legal fees.
•    Payments to trainers.
•    Data entry clerks.
•    Groundskeepers/field maintenance.
•    Referees

For more information on 1099s, visit the Resources Section under the 1099 compliance program or visit the IRS.


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