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Treasurer News and Tips

The 10 Top Benefits You Get From NAP

As a National Accounting Program (NAP) enrolled member, you benefit from a wide variety of account/management tools that can help manage your spending and budget planning throughout the AYSO fiscal year.

  1. Reports. Summary of deposits and expenses on a monthly and year-to-date basis.

  2. Simplify tax time. NSTC does all the imputing, summarization and generating of financial reports to satisfy local, state and federal requirements as mandated for a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation.

  3. Storage. NSTC stores and safeguards all hardcopy and electronic images of checks and bank statements for Sections, Areas and Regions.

  4. NAP Customer Service. Financial support & assistance via email and phone. NAP Financial Department Assistance offers support if you need help managing your NAP accounts. We want to offer you quality, caring service because we know your time is valuable.

  5. Membership Assets Protection. Regular audit of checks and financial activities.

  6. Treasurer Manual. The AYSO Treasurer's Manual puts the NAP, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable information you need in one complete reference guide. Learn the latest updates and helpful information in this valuable treasurer's tool.

    Stay on track with your Region's accounts and finances by utilizing the online resources at See what it can do for you. It is a hassle-free way to organize your Region's finances.

  7. Organize your accounts and records by downloading your Region's bank statements and monthly financial statements from one place.

  8. Use our online resources to access finance forms, reports and documents as needed to keep your Region's finances in order.

  9. Improve your Treasurer skills by taking the FREE online AYSO Treasurer course.

  10. AYSO Accident Insurance. Keep your players covered by registering and paying promptly using the eAYSO online registration service.

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