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Treasurer News and Tips

Plan an Annual Budget for Your Region

The National Board of Directors (NBOD) has made it mandatory that all Regions prepare an annual budget for each upcoming fiscal year. Your budget must be submitted to the National Office, with a copy to the Area Director, no later than June 1.

Note: If a current budget is not on file at the AYSO National Office, Regional Commissioner re-appointment and new appointment approval requests will be delayed.

Completing your budget before your Region’s first registration event is critical in order to determine if your Region’s registration fees are set properly to meet your Region’s objectives. Here are some steps to help you create a budget:

  • Examine a current NAP report to verify if there are any expected revenue or expense changes for the upcoming year. For example, if park fees will be increased by 10 percent in the upcoming year that will greatly affect your Region’s funds.
  • Examine if other revenue sources such as fundraising, sponsors and donations will change in the upcoming fiscal year.  
  • Get feedback from Board Members about needs that they are responsible for. For example, the equipment volunteer should create a budget for balls, flags and other supplies. Make sure that you don’t complete the entire budget yourself since you may not know all of the current needs.
  • Review all the reports and discuss if your Region needs to plan for any future expenses at you next Board meeting.
  • Determine whether the budget will require changes by comparing the total revenue to total expenses. If your expenses are more than your revenue, you will have to make adjustments to your registration fees or decrease your expenses.

After making any necessary adjustments, you will have a budget that will show your Region’s operations for the upcoming year and can be used as a tool throughout the year to make sure you are on track in meeting your Region’s goals.  

For more detailed instructions on creating a budget, refer to the Treasurers Manual.  If you have any questions, you can reach out to other fellow Treasurers or email Shannon Bantugan.

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