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Treasurer News and Tips

Accessing AR Statements In eAYSO

Q: I've heard AR Statements are posted online, is that true?

A: Yes, AR statements are posted on eAYSO. The statements will be posted in a PDF format for easy downloading, e-mailing, and archiving.

Q: What is an AR Statement?

A: The AR statement summarizes what a Section, Area or Region owes AYSO National Office. This will usually include player registration ($17.50 per player), Supply Center, volunteer forms processing or registration kit rush fee invoices. Please remember all invoices are due and payable in 30 days.

Q: Will hardcopy AR statements still be mailed to my Treasurer?

A: No. The National Office will no longer mail AR statements. They are ONLY posted on eAYSO.

Q: What about invoices - will there be any change with those?

A: No. Player registration invoices will still be viewable eAYSO, and only hard copies of Supply Center invoices will continue to be mailed to Treasurer of record.

Q: How will I know when my AR statement is posted in eAYSO?

A: A monthly e-blast will be sent to all Treasurers, RCs, ADs, and SDs when the AR statements are posted on eAYSO. Please note, the e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address listed in eAYSO. Make sure that you have updated your email address on eAYSO.

Q: Where on eAYSO will I be able to view my AR Statements?

A: From the eAYSO home page, drop down on the Region, select Treasurer and the Statements & Reports (see image below). This page is the where you will also find your monthly NAP reports and bank statements.

Access AR Statements Screenshot

Q: Who can I call or e-mail if I still have questions?

A: Shannon Bantugan, (424) 221-7910,
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