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Dicks Sporting Goods

Mutual of Omaha


Promotions Dept


Crown Awards

Sport Pins 

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United Soccer Coaches 

Positive Coaching Alliance 


US Soccer Foundation


National Office 

National Board of Directors (NBOD) 


Rules & Regulations 

National Bylaws 

Standard Regional Guidelines 

Policy Statements 

6 Philosophies 

General Compliance:

The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997

All volunteers are required to submit a signed volunteer application form, annually for the current season.

Privacy Principles

Criminal Background Check

Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI)

Training & Certification Matrix

Job training consists of:

Safe Haven

Job Specific Training:

On-line Training

Incident Report Form

Tournament Handbook

AYSO Reciprocity Equivalency Agreement

Financial Compliance:

IRS Non Profit Determination Letter 

General Forms

NAP Budget Form

Monthly Deposit Form

AYSO Finance Department Contact List

Reimbursement Request Form & Guidelines

Tax Implications of Contributions

Contribution Acknowledgment

IRS Publication 526

1099 Compliance Program Details

Soccer Accident Insurance (S.A.I.)

RC, Regional Commissioner Compliance:

7 Required Regional Board Position Descriptions:

AYSO Information Form

RC Appointment Request Form

Regional Checklist for RC's

Region Guidelines Signature Sheet

Standard Regional Guidelines

Update Board & Access Rights in eAYSO

Regional Assessment Program (RAP)

AYSO Supply Center Catalog

AD, Area Director Compliance:

7 Required Area Board Position Descriptions:

AYSO Information Form

AD Appointment Request Form

Area Checklist for AD's

Area Guidelines Signature Sheet

Area Assessment Program (AAP)

Charter Region Application Package

Pilot Region Application

Inactive/Closed Region Report

SD, Section Director Compliance:

9 Required Section Board Position Descriptions:

AYSO Information Form

SD Appointment Request Form

Section Checklist for SD's

Section Guidelines Signature Sheet

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