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eSign for Player Registration Is Now Free

eSign, the process that makes an online "signature" legally valid, is now free for AYSO player registrations. Your AYSO National Board of Directors voted to eliminate the 25¢ per player fee that was previously charged for any player registered by eSign, starting with any player registered on or after July 1, 2013.

Your National Board voted to make eSign registration free as part of the initiative to convert AYSO Regions from paper forms registration to electronic registration. Volunteer registration eSign became free last year.

eSign of players and volunteers provides many advantages to Regions. It eliminates the need to store paper forms for long periods of time, as the official eSignature will be maintained in eAYSO to meet legal requirements. Further, it protects the privacy of our players and volunteers, by allowing Regions to shred paper print outs after the season is over, rather than having to store them for years and risk that forms containing player or volunteer information could be lost or stolen. In the case of volunteers, it allows for faster background checks to speed up the AYSO volunteer approval. And, as AYSO moves to become more user friendly to today's internet savvy young families, it creates a simpler process for busy parents in registering their child.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions on eSign


"Moving AYSO to player eSign registration will relieve Regions from the burden of storing boxes of player forms and worrying about the security of those forms or the costs of storage. " said Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, AYSO National Executive Director. "This is yet another advance by AYSO to reduce bureaucracy for our Regions' volunteers and be more responsive to how families conduct business in today's digital age."

Over 300 AYSO Regions already use eSign for player registration. The National Office has surveyed those Regions to get feedback on their experience with eSign for player registration, and how they balance the online registration with recruiting new volunteers to support their Regions' programs. The National Office is reviewing those responses to develop a comprehensive list of best practices from among early adopting Regions that can be shared in AYSO educational material, workshops and eNewsletters to assist Regions making the transition to full eSign.

Some Regions currently face challenges with the lack of high-speed internet access in their geographic areas, and some regions currently use third party systems to register their players. Over the remainder of the summer, there will be a process for outreach to get input from such Regions and engage in a discussion on practical ways to address their needs as AYSO transitions to full volunteer and player eSign registration.


Click here to read the full policy statement

Even with eSign for registration, Regions are encouraged to hold in-person registration events for parents to provide birth certificates for players and identification confirmation for volunteers, in communities where such events often most effective venues to recruit volunteers for the upcoming season. Parents can pre-register and bring a single copy of the form with them to complete at an onsite event. Or Regions can include laptop computers and a printer onsite for parents to register on the spot. Forms can then be shredded at the end of the season.

When a parent logs in to to register a returning player, but does not see "Application for a Returning Player" enabled, it means they need to contact the National Office to link the player record to their account. This is a one-time step and can be accomplished through a toll free phone call to the eAYSO Call Center at 1-866-588-2976 Monday to Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m. Pacific time, or by email to The parent will need to provide the email login and AYSO ID#. If the parent doesn't know his/her player's AYSO ID#, the parent must provide the player's name, date of birth, and AYSO Region number or city and state.

During the peak registration months of mid-February to the end of August, the Call Center is also open on Saturdays from 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pacific.

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