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eAYSO Access Rights Information for the Area

On March 3, 2014, a major eAYSO enhancement will be deployed that changes the way AYSO will grant and revoke Access Rights in eAYSO.

Moving forward adding a volunteer to the Area Board also assigns the volunteer the proper level of Access Rights in eAYSO. When a volunteer’s term is over the eAYSO Access Rights are removed automatically without the need to go into the system and pull them off one by one.

For step by step instructions on adding a volunteer to the Area Board select the link below:

Access Rights and Managing the Area Board

Below are items listed which will involve a change in a business rule or will be an introduction of new business rule because of this enhancement.

  • A volunteer will need to be currently registered to be listed on a Board inside eAYSO. If you do not register by March 3, 2014 you will no longer be listed on the Board inside eAYSO.  
  • Volunteers must have an eAYSO account. Some returning volunteers do not use eAYSO. They can create a login and have their volunteer records linked to this eAYSO account by selecting this link to a web page on eAYSO. If you do not have an eAYSO account by March 3, 2014 you will no longer be listed on the Board inside eAYSO.  
  • The Access Rights will begin based on the start date of the position and extend until the position end date or until the end of next membership year, whichever is earlier for the volunteer.
  • There will be a 30 day Grace Period after the end of a membership year for a volunteer to submit an application for the new membership year.  After the grace period, access will be suspended until that volunteer submits and becomes a registered volunteer for the current MY.
  • A limit of one Trusted Data Manager (TDM) will be allowed per Region, Area or Section if needed to assist the RC/AD/SD. 

Lookup Access Rights by Position

Follow this link to lookup Access Rights by scope (Region, Area, or Section) and position title.

All web pages will be updated with current information. We encourage you to refer back here often. Send your questions to

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