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eAYSO Access Rights Enhancement 2014

On March 3, 2014, a major eAYSO enhancement will be deployed that changes the way AYSO will grant and revoke Access Rights in eAYSO.

Access Rights refer to the privileges a person has once they login to an information system. When you use your Email Login and Password to enter eAYSO the system grants you privileges based on your Access Rights. Up to now the process for granting and removing these privileges has been cumbersome leading to lapses where we have people with eAYSO access they no longer require. This puts the entire organization at risk. In an effort to address this situation the process and the method that these Access Rights are granted and revoked is being streamlined. 

Rather than having a two step process of adding a volunteer to the Board and then assigning Access Rights to them, this enhancement collapses these two transactions into a single one. Moving forward adding a volunteer to the Board also assigns the volunteer the proper level of Access Rights in eAYSO. When a volunteer’s term is over the eAYSO Access Rights are removed automatically without the need to go into the system and pull them off one by one. This represents a huge simplification in the process as well as ensuring that only volunteers that require it have privileges in eAYSO.

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