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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On March 3, 2014, a major eAYSO enhancement will be deployed that changes the way AYSO will grant and revoke Access Rights in eAYSO. 

Q: How can I lookup the Access Rights that come with a specific position?
A: Follow this link to lookup Access Rights by scope (Region, Area, or Section) and position title.

Q : How long can a Board and Staff volunteer’s term be under the new business rule?
A: Terms can be for  up to two years before needing to be renewed. (but the Vol must be registered every year regardless of the term the RC assigns)

Q: Has the process changed for adding or removing volunteers from my IF?
A: No you still add board and staff members based on the position you want them to have on your Board. But now you can give or remove access rights all from this same IF screen.

Q: Can I assign Access Rights to a Youth Volunteer?
A: There currently are no Youth Positions which allow Access rights to eAYSO data.

Q: I get it that a Volunteer’s rights are automatically removed when their term has expired or has been terminated.  But how does it work for someone that wears multiple hats?  Will it delete access rights that overlap with positions or certifications in other areas or disciplines?
A: Now each Board Role or Position  will contain all the Access Rights for that  specific position. This will allow a volunteer to have multiple positions, but then if they change positions rights will automatically be adjusted when they are assigned a new position or inactivated from an previous position. Thus ensuring that will have the correct rights for their position(s).

All web pages will be updated with current information. We encourage you to refer back here often. Send your questions to

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