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Positions need to be Current

On March 3, 2014 a major eAYSO enhancement will be deployed that changes the way AYSO will grant and revoke Access Rights in eAYSO. Moving forward a volunteer will need to have a valid end term date for their position to be listed on a Board inside eAYSO.

Inside eAYSO every RC, AD, and SD maintains a listing of their active Board members. Up to now the end dates for the terms of positions on the Board were allowed to lapse. Beginning March 3, 2014 all Board positions need to be current with term dates that are applicable. If a volunteer has an end term date that occurred in the past they will no longer be listed on the Board inside eAYSO. 

However this does not mean the volunteer is no longer a Board member. That is the decision of the Region, Area, or Section and is not impacted by this. This discussion only applies to how the Board is listed inside eAYSO. Any volunteer can be added back to the Board listing inside eAYSO anytime as long as they are currently registered, have an eAYSO profile and have a valid end term date to their position. 

RC, AD, and SD who have volunteers on their Board with an end term date that occurred in the past are being contacted and informed who these individuals are. The RC, AD, or SD is urged to extend the term end dates and make the positions current. Otherwise they can change the volunteer’s status to “Inactive” to make the Board listing current. 

Follow this link for more information about this eAYSO Access Rights enhancement.

All web pages will be updated with current information. We encourage you to refer back here often. Send your questions to 

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