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eSignature for Players

In 2013, the National Board decided to formally move to require eSignature wherever possible in the best interests of our Regions, our Players and our Volunteers.  The eSignature capacity in eAYSO for Player registration will be automatically activated for all Regions on Aug. 1, 2014. Most Parents are already registering online directly into eAYSO and most of those already use eSignature because the majority of Regions previously had it turned on and activated.  On Aug. 1, 2014, eSignature will be activated in all Regions so all Parents with Internet access can register online and use eSignature. 

In preparation for this change here are the right moves to make now:

  • Attend a webinar in July
  • Get detailed information from this website
  • Start preparing your Region

July Webinars

Below are links to the on-demand versions of the eSignature for Players Webinar.

Webinar Presentation
Click Here for an on-demand version of the presentation.
Click Here for a PDF of the presentation slides.
Click Here for the PowerPoint slides for the presentation.

Thursday, July 17 2014 Q&A Session
Click Here for an on-demand version of this question and answer session. 

Saturday, July 19 2014 Q&A Session
Click Here for an on-demand version of this question and answer session. 

Monday, July 21 2014 Q&A Session
Click Here for an on-demand version of this question and answer session. 

Detailed Information

The following is important information for every Region as eSignature for Player registration goes into effect.  The eSignature policy will impact Regions differently depending on how they currently use eAYSO and conduct Player registrations.

The majority of our Regions have Parents create accounts in eAYSO and register their Players through the online application. Approximately 80% of all Players are currently registered this way.

  • If your Region is already using eSignature for Players then your Parents will see nothing new in eAYSO beginning Aug. 1, 2014.
  • If your Region uses the online application but currently does not use eSignature, the only changes Parents will see are a couple steps to provide the electronic signature at the end of the online registration process. The online application will work the way it always has. At the end of the process the Parent will be asked for their digital rather than their wet signature. Click here for more information about this scenario.

There are still many Regions that rely on the paper application form to conduct Player registration.  Approximately 20 percent of all Players are currently registered this way.

  • eSignature does not prevent Regions from holding events, nor does it mean paperless. It just eliminates the Regions’ burdens of having to maintain long-term storage of applications in the future. There will be some Regions that need to have Parents register through a paper form. This form of registration should be avoided. It is more efficient and faster for the Region to have the Parents register online using eAYSO and eSign in advance of the event. 
  • However, if that’s absolutely not possible, a registrar will be able to input the application into eAYSO, and message with a secure link will be sent to the Parent’s email. The Parent can then open up their email, click on the secure link where they can complete the eSignature process from home. This process will be known as Easy eSign. Click here for more information about Easy eSign.
  • Although Americans increasingly use the Internet, we know there are some families that don’t have internet access or have email accounts and therefore eSignature in eAYSO is not an option for them. Consequently for this small percentage of the population, paper forms with wet signatures can still be used by the Region. But, remember, the original must then be sent to the National Office, and the Region must keep a copy of the application in long-term storage.

You can visit the eSignature FAQ for more detailed information on specific questions concerning this topic.

Start Preparing

Start preparing by having a discussion at the Region level. The impact of this policy depends on several factors. The majority of Regions already have completed their Player registration for MY 2014. For these Regions the impact of the eSignature policy for Players will be realized in MY2015. However if you are holding Region registration events after Aug. 1, 2014 for MY2014 you need to be prepared for this policy taking effect. This will be also true for any Region planning on holding a Spring Season in the calendar year 2015. After Aug. 1, 2014 eSignature is the standard for AYSO.

If you are a Region that has Parents login to eAYSO and register their Player themselves then Parents will see a couple steps to provide the electronic signature at the end of the online registration process. Even with eSignature registration for Players, Regions are encouraged to hold in-person registration events for Parents to provide birth certificates for Players, and identification confirmation for Volunteers. Parents can pre-register and eSign, and bring a paper copy or copies of the form with them at an onsite event.

If you are a Region that has Parents use a paper form and then has Region staff enter the information into eAYSO, we urge you to use the new Easy eSign option. You can still use the paper forms and have the Parent conclude the registration process online with an eSignature using Easy eSign and never have to retain documents again at the Regional level or send a copy to the National Office. Easy eSign is the solution AYSO has provided for Regions that rely on paper forms. It allows the Region to conduct business as they have previously but still comply with the eSignature Policy.

The majority of Regions already use eSignature for Player registration. You can use this form to opt in to eSign for Player registration now to get ahead of the curve.

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