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Game Scheduling

Here are the steps to use the Game Scheduling module in eAYSO. Please note that teams need to be created prior to using this module. 

Step 1

Click on Region – Game – Schedule

eAYSO screen shot

Step 2

A page will appear with any schedules that have already been created. Or the page will have no information if this is the first time using this feature in the current Membership Year (like the screen below). Click on ‘Add Schedule’ to create a new schedule.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 3

Select the Program, Division and Gender. Enter a name for the schedule in the Schedule Name field. Enter/Select the start and end date for this schedule. 

Click Next.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 4

The Available Teams in the division and gender selected in Step 3 will be listed. Click the team(s) and click on the arrow to move them to the Selected Teams box.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 5

The Selected Teams box will show the teams that have been selected for creating your game schedule.  At the bottom of the screen, the selected teams will be listed with an option to denote the Home field where each team must play. If this is the first time using this feature, the Home Field drop down will have no values. 

Click Next 

eAYSO screen shot

Step 6

This is the step where the fields are added.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 7

Click on the link "Add New Field." Only the Field name is required.  The rest of the information can be entered or left blank.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 8

Click on the Field name and set the information for this field, like Start time, End time, Length of each game, Time between games, Days of week this field will be used for this schedule and if this should be added for all selected fields. 

Click Submit. 

eAYSO screen shot
eAYSO screen shot

Step 9

Click on tab 2. Select Teams if Home field need to be assigned to team(s). Click Next. OR

eAYSO screen shot

Step 10

Click on 4. Schedule Pref and select the preference for Max # of games per team, Max # of games each team plays, Min # of games per week per team and Max # of games per week per team. 

Click on Generate Schedule.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 11

The system will process the data using the criteria selected in each step.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 12

The schedule will appear in a calendar view with games listed in difference cells/dates in the calendar. The left panel in this view has the option to uncheck or check a team(s) to see the schedule for a team(s). The left panel also has the option to uncheck or check a field(s) to see the schedule for a field(s). Right-click on a game to make changes. Right-click on a date and time slot to add a game. Various levels of schedule detail can be selected: Day, Week, Month, and Timeline.

eAYSO screen shot

Step 13

Click on the Listing tab to see the schedule in a "list" view.

eAYSO screen shot

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