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Menu Structure

The menu options in eAYSO are designed to match the organization structure of AYSO (Region, Area, Section). Some additional menus are added which are for general use (Lookup, Reports, Preferences). Users will have varied level of access to menus depending on their role or position in the organization.

1. The Welcome screen is the first screen a user sees when they start using the site after creating a profile (with an email and password). A sample screen is shown below. This screen has several options that allow a parent to complete a player application for their child and complete a volunteer application (adult and youth). Additionally, parents can modify and see other information pertaining to their child. Parents or Volunteers who complete the volunteer application can similarly modify and see information pertaining to a volunteer. 

eAYSO screen shot

NOTE: Volunteers who perform specific activities on eAYSO can be granted access. Access is usually granted by the Regional Commissioner (for a Regional volunteer), the Area Director (for an Area volunteer) and the Section Director (for a Section volunteer).

2. When a volunteer is granted access the welcome screen will appear as shown below. This page allows the volunteer to perform functions as a parent as well as has menus at the top allowing the volunteer to perform other activities that they have been granted access to. The list of access rights available is shown in the box in the lower right corner. The box in the lower left corner shows all volunteers and youth volunteers in this profile and their application status (active or inactive)

eAYSO screen shot

3. The Region menu is where all Regional features are listed. Volunteers will notice that they will have access to just certain menus. This is based on their volunteer position. For example, a Regional Registrar will have access to Player, Setup and Teams menus (and sub menus) but not to Treasurer and Admin. We know that some volunteers hold more than one position in the board and in such cases the volunteer must contact their Regional Commissioner for additional access. Some of the features available for Regional volunteers are – Player registration, Volunteer registration, General Settings, Teams, Pay Invoices, Schedule courses, Manage course rosters, Update Regional board, Email campaign, Game Scheduling, Referee Scheduling and CVPA functions.

4. The Area menu is where the Area features are listed. Some of the features are – Pay Invoices, Schedule courses, Manage rosters, Update Area board, CVPA functions and Move Players or Volunteer from one Region to another in the Area.

eAYSO screen shot

5. The Section menu is where Section features are listed. Some of the features are – Pay Invoices, Schedule courses, Manage rosters, Update Section board, CVPA functionalities and Move Players or Volunteer from one Region to another in the Section.

eAYSO screen shot

6. The NSTC or National Office menu has features that are used by the National office staff. Each department at the National Office perform different functions and generate reports from this menu. This menu is only available to National Office staff.

7. The Signup menu has options for volunteers to signup for courses, conferences and National Annual General Meeting.

eAYSO screen shot

8. The Lookup menu has options for volunteers to be able to view or search for volunteers and players. Access is restricted based on the volunteers’ position and access rights. For example, a Regional Commissioner can Lookup – Players only in their Region. Whereas an Area Director can Lookup – Players only in all Regions in the Area. Similarly the Section Director can Lookup – Players in all Regions in the Section.

eAYSO screen shot

9.The Reports menu lists many player and volunteer reports that help volunteers in the Region, Area and Section perform their functions effectively. Some reports generate in PDF while others are in excel. Reports are available for applicants and registered players and volunteers.

eAYSO screen shot

10. The Preference menu is the last menu. A user can set a default Start page. For example, for Registrars since the Player registration page is the most often used page, that page can be set as the Start page so that when the Registrar signs in with their email and password, they are taken directly to that page. The Region & MY option is useful for volunteers who volunteers who may need to work in more than 1 MY (i.e. as one MY is finishing out, but a new MY is just starting up). It’s also useful for Area and Section volunteers. The screen will show in the Region drop down all Regions in the Area or Section. The Area or Section volunteer can select the Region they would like to work with when the volunteer visits the Region menu pages and that selection will remain as their default Region until the Area or Section volunteer changes it. 

eAYSO screen shot

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