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Player Registration

The Player Registration screen has been simplified in eAYSO. The screen can be accessed by clicking on Region – Player – Registration. 

eAYSO screen shot

All players for the current year will be displayed in a single view called Current players as shown below. The only other option available in the drop down is Previous Players. When Previous Players is selected it shows all players registered in the Region in past years. 

eAYSO screen shot

The Current players view shows all players for the current Membership Year. This includes players who are Registered, Applicants, Dropped, Flagged, Transferred, With Notes, Registration Incomplete, Signed up for subsequent programs or NE (E-Sign incomplete). The Filter by drop down lists these different statuses. Select a status to see the Player count.

eAYSO screen shot

The Status column in the screen shot, tells the status of the player. The different statuses are described below.

eAYSO screen shot

Registered: Registered for the current Membership Year 
Applicant: Applied for the current Membership Year by the parent but yet to be registered by the Region
Dropped: Registered player who has been dropped 
Transferred: Player Transferred from another Region 
Flagged: Registered player who has been flagged for some reason (ex. no payment received) 
Registration Incomplete: Registered player missing some required information like Emergency contact. (Note: This will be rarely seen. This occurs mainly when information was illegible or missing from handwritten paper application forms.) 
Signup for subsequent programs: A Registered player who has signed up for another program. (ex. player registered in Fall and now signing up for Winter or Spring programs). 

To register an applicant, search by their last name and enter the check # (amount defaults to Region fee). The system will check the box on the left automatically for the player. Click Submit at the bottom. The screen will refresh and the user will remain on the same screen but the status of the player will change from A to R. (Note: you may enter multiple check numbers before pressing ‘Submit’ as long as they are all on the same screen.)

To see more information on any player, click on the player name. Then click on any of the tabs at the top. Any information entered in the Remarks field in the Details tab marks the player as Flagged. This is an important feature in case you want to input information while in the Applicant Status...without ‘R’-Registering the player at this time simply click ‘Update Application’ and the information is saved to the Player application and you can then register the player at a later time.

However if you Click ‘Accept’ the player will be registered.

eAYSO screen shot

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