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Referee Scheduling

The Referee Scheduling feature in eAYSO is a basic version. Various scheduling products were reviewed and it was decided that initially a basic version should be launched and then based on user feedback this feature will be improved over time to handle more complex scenarios. 

Prior to using the Referee Scheduling feature, the Region must have completed Scheduling games. The Referee Scheduling feature has two parts. 

  1. Referees sign up for any available games. The system allows a currently registered volunteer with a Referee or Asst Referee position to sign up for available games. The selections made by the volunteer are not final at this point. Referees receive a confirmation when their game assignments are confirmed 

  2. The Referee Scheduler in the Region sees all the games and the Referees and Asst Referees who have signed up. The Referee Scheduler can click one or more games and accept the selections. The Referee Scheduler can modify and update the assignments. The Referee Scheduler can manually assign any open games. At each step or at the end, the Referee Scheduler has the ability to trigger an email to the Referees and Asst Referees of the selected games. 

Here are the steps followed by a volunteer to sign up for games. Note that the volunteer must be registered and assigned the position of  Referee or Asst Referee for the current Membership Year to be able to sign up for games. 

  1. Click on View referee schedule which is available in the welcome page as shown below:eAYSO screen shot

  2. A page will appear with the list of volunteers in the users’ login profile and links to view Certifications, Schedules (for Referees) and Teams (for Coaches). Click on the Click here link under Schedule.

    eAYSO screen shot
  3. A page will appear displaying all the games for all the divisions in the volunteers Region. Each game will display information about the game with an Open link if the Referee and Asst Referee slots are still available. The Referee can narrow down the list of games by selecting a division and/or gender or any of the other available criteria and clicking Search.

    eAYSO screen shot

  4. The Referee can click on Open for a game that they would like to be a Referee or Asst Referee. The selected Open link will be replaced by the name of the volunteer and the name will appear in blue color. The Asst Referee slots get disabled for that game. The Referee can sign up for more than one game. 

    eAYSO screen shot

  5. The Referee Scheduler can see the games and Referees who have signed up for games. This is available at Region – Referee Scheduling. 

    eAYSO screen shot

  6. The page displays all the games and referees who have signed up. The Referee Scheduler can narrow down the results using the available search fields. The bottom of the page has buttons to Export schedule to excel. The Confirm button confirms the selected games assignments. The Confirm & send email button confirms and sends an email to the Referees and Asst Referees of the selected games.

    eAYSO screen shot

    eAYSO screen shot

  7. Click on the Contact Info tab at the top. The Name, Email, Phone #’s and Position are pre filled from the volunteers’ (Referee Scheduler) record. The Message can be customized.

    eAYSO screen shot

  8. At the top, click on Schedule. The Referee Scheduler then checks/selects the games and clicks on Confirm & send email. This triggers an email to the selected Referees and Asst Referees with the text entered in the Contact Info tab. 

    The Referee Scheduler can also select from the drop downs for other games where no assignments have been made. The drop downs for Referee and Asst Referee lists the names of all volunteers registered by the Region CVPA and who have been assigned a Referee and/or Asst Referee position.

  9. The Referee receives an email and can login to eAYSO to verify the game assignment. If their name appears in green, the selections have been approved.

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