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Executive Member Term Report

Executive Member Expiration Notice

All Executive Members, defined in the AYSO Bylaws as:

  • Members of the National Board of Directors (NBOD)
  • Section Directors
  • Area Directors
  • Regional Commissioners of Chartered Regions
  • Special Directors
They are all appointed to their role by the NBOD and for a specific term of office.

These terms vary in length and they expire at various times throughout the year.

All AYSO Executive Members should be aware of the following policy which went into effect beginning January 1, 2010:

4.6 Cessation of Rights and Privileges. Any Executive Member who is a Regional Commissioner, Area Director or Section Director and remains in that position longer than the final date in the period of time for which she/he was appointed by the National Board of Directors (the "Final Date") shall cease enjoyment of all rights and privileges of the position at 12:00 midnight at the end of the Final Date, unless a fully completed application for re-appointment is received by the National Office prior to the Final Date.

Further the AYSO Standard Regional Guidelines, Article Five, Paragraph 5 stipulates that at least three months, and preferably six months, prior to the expiration of the Regional Commissioner's term, the Region Board should form a nominating commission to identify, qualify and submit to the Region Board one or more candidates for Regional Commissioner. A single candidate is to be nominated by a majority vote of the Region Board and forwarded to the Area Director.

For review and follow-up, click on the link below to view a list of Executive Members whose term of office has or will expire within the next six months. If action has not already been taken, anyone on the list should be encouraged to activate the election process outlined above as soon as possible. For advanced planning purposes, please be advised that the eAYSO access rights of and Executive Member will cease the day of the term end date.

If there are questions about Executive Member status, please contact Holly Veach at  1-800-872-2976 ext. 7961.

Executive Member Term Expiration Notice- Updated on March 7, 2018

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