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Logo Laws

AYSO logos and slogans are protected for a very good reason: our credibility. And we don't mean credibility just on a National level, either. You, too, should be concerned with how you present AYSO to the general public.

Common Mistake

There are two ways in which Regions commonly misuse the AYSO logos:


Designing a logo representing AYSO improperly or incorrectly. Taking creative license with the AYSO traditional or promotional logos can backfire on you, because surveys repeatedly show that the public recognizes an organization's name by its logo.

Reproducing an AYSO logo on an item without permission from the National Office. People assume that if the AYSO logo is printed on a product, AYSO endorses that product to a certain extent. Reputations come under fire if it doesn't live up to our high standards.


Logo Authorization for Merchandise

Because of these reasons and other legal considerations, no vendor may use the AYSO traditional logo (round with AYSO in the square inside), promotional logo (horizontal with the soccer ball) or AYSO slogans (Everyone Plays or PLAYSOCCER) on any promotional apparel, pins, frames, medals, trophies, etc. without first obtaining a Logo Authorization from AYSO.

Download Logo Authorization Form 

Logo Authorization Instructions
The Logo Authorization Form will need to be filled out, then sent to the vendor, signed by the vendor/printer and sent back to the Production Department at AYSO. The PDF is FILLABLE and SAVABLE. For best results, edit and save the file in Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program, click below for a free download.

Get Adobe Reader

  • Please fill out all of the information on both pages.
  • To select a logo:
    • Click on the box and arrows will appear on the right.
    • Click the arrows until you see the logo you want.
    • Click the name of the logo to select it.
  • Save the PDF.
  • Email the form to the vendor - or - print out the form and mail it to the vendor.
If you have any problems or questions with the Logo Authorization Form, please email Larry Martinez at or call (800) 872-2976.

If buying from the AYSO Store or the AYSO Supply Center (AYSO's official suppliers), or other AYSO licensees, you will not need a Logo Authorization.


The only time a vendor may use the logo without National Office permission is on the player uniforms, using the traditional logo on the left front side only. (See the RC manual for a diagram.)

Getting approval to use these logos and slogans for your Region's needs is easy, and aids in protecting our logos. Call the Creative Services Dept. at the National Office, (800) USA-AYSO, for a Logo Authorization Form.

And if you are designing a special logo promoting your tournament or region, run it by a member of the Creative Services Dept. prior to the printing process. We can offer you guidance on what the rules are.

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