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Bookmark Tips

The AYSO Bookmarks can be used in two ways. One way is as a registration tool; the other is as a branding tool.

Since it's getting harder and harder to place flyers in schools with registration information, the AYSO Bookmarks are a perfect and easy way to get into schools. You can customize the front of the bookmark with your Region's information and then on the back print your Registration dates and locations.

During non-registration times, you can use the AYSO Bookmarks to brand your Region. Just remember to always include your website and Facebook page.

Below are more tips on how to use the AYSO Bookmarks. If you have a tip that you don't see below, please email Michelle Dunn with your tip.
  1. You can customize the bookmark and add:
    1. your region's information
    2. your website
    3. a special date
    4. an event
    5. a commemoration
    6. contact information

    7. *Remember that AYSO has Spanish bookmarks to reach a larger audience.
  2. You can give out your bookmark:
    1. at schools
    2. at parks
    3. outside stores
    4. city/council/neighbor meetings
    5. work
    6. to babysitters
    7. to teachers
    8. to coaches
    9. at sporting events/school games/park games
    10. at kid's birthday parties
    11. at the gym
    12. at local fairs/kids events/book fairs
    13. at church
    14. at the mall
    15. to fans
  3. You can leave some bookmarks at:
    1. the library
    2. your local city hall
    3. local recreation park offices
    4. the doctor/dentist office
    5. the post office
    6. daycares
    7. beauty parlors/nail salons
    8. local car mechanic offices
    9. local gyms/gym kid's center
    10. health/nutrition stores
    11. book stores
    12. kid stores/soccer stores/sports stores
    13. uniform printing shops

  4. Give out extra bookmarks to your kids/team so they can share them with their friends and family.
  5. Contact your local Avon/Candle/Jewelry representatives and ask if they would give out the AYSO Bookmarks.
  6. Connect with your local Girl/Boy scout leaders and give them some bookmarks to share.
  7. Contact your local after school programs and give them some bookmarks to share.
  8. Connect with local college/university volunteers that work with kids and have them give out bookmarks.
  9. Don't forget you can always customize the AYSO Bookmarks to a holiday and give them out, for example, at the beach/park for a 4th of July event.
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