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Tips for Success

Make It Fun For Everyone

  1. Research early.
    Every community is different so find out what your location is planning for the July 4th weekend. Call your city hall, park & rec department or chamber of commerce for info.

  2. Keep it simple.
    This should be fun for you and your Region. Take baby steps. An offseason event can only work if it's fun for everyone.

  3. "Right-size"
    Every AYSO Region can participate in AYSO's Official Sponsor of the 4th of July project. It can be as small as handing out flyers at the July 4th picnic in your town. Or it can be as large as a SoccerFest. But make sure it's the RIGHT size for the volunteers you have available and your own circumstances.

  4. Be legit.
    Confirm any local permission, applications, licenses or permits you may need from your city, town or event promoter.

  5. Be safe.
    Follow AYSO guidelines for adult-children ratios, insurance requirements and other rules that are in place to make sure both children and adults are safe and protected.

  6. Work with others.
    This may be a great time to work with other local youth or service organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis and Lion's Club that your members are involved with.

  7. Copy!
    If an event or activity worked for someone else in your community - borrow it! It's the sincerest form of flattery. Adapt it to your Region's size and interest - great ideas come from many places.

  8. Connect with your families.
    This is a great opportunity to invite last season's families back for a fun AYSO event. Send them an email inviting them to be part of the activity. Ask them to come for just an hour or two.

  9. Get them in uniform.
    Players love their AYSO uniforms. So invite them to wear them! Perhaps there is a small "prize" - a pin, patch, AYSO bracelet or some other swag item - for every child that stops by your booth, table or event wearing their AYSO uniform!

  10. Wear AYSO gear.
    Encourage every volunteer to wear an AYSO t-shirt, polo or blouse. This is the time to wear your "colors" proudly!

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