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Why Is AYSO Sponsorsing July 4th?

Region Initiative To Build Community Awareness

AYSO is the Official Sponsor of the 4th of July to promote AYSO player registration and community relations. The objectives are to:

  • Present AYSO to young families as the community soccer program they want to sign up for. And presents volunteering as FUN.

  • Offer a community relations opportunity to build awareness of AYSO and your Region.

  • Help AYSO Regions feel connected as a national organization.

  • Allow every Region to participate at a level that is practical for them regardless of their size or location.

Here are 7 reasons why your Region will want to be involved:

  • The audience is already built in. Regions don't have to start from scratch! July 4th has been selected because almost every community already has a local event - parade, picnic, festival, etc. - that a Region can participate in. July 4th is also a holiday when young families (AYSO's new customer is generally young parents with children under the age of 8) tend to stay local and participate in their community event.

  • It's EASY. Your Region can participate as small or as large as works for you. Everything is optional. You can have a registration table, march in a parade, create a fundraiser, host a SoccerFest or just pass out flyers. It's all good!

  • You'll have simple tools. "July 4th In A Box" on will have templates for flyers, banners, press releases, T-shirts, a mini-marketing plan, etc. COMING SOON.

  • It's memorable. The umbrella campaign of "AYSO: Official Sponsor of the 4th of July" is designed to give a memorable spin to the initiative.

  • It's fun. There will be a social networking component to the project. A Facebook page is being launched for Regions to register their activities, share their ideas, post their photos, compete for prizes, etc. The first 50 Regions that register their activities will get a FREE July 4th/AYSO Across America banner!

  • It can help AYSO grow. We want to help every child have the AYSO experience! This is a great opportunity to help young families see what a terrific program AYSO is.

  • It's an annual event. This is a promotional opportunity that your Region can build on. If you enjoy the experience, each year you can grow your involvement in your local July 4th celebration. It can become the backbone of a local publicity or fundraising program.

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