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Best Friends? Play Together!

Note: Modeled on the "Go Get Her" program of the past, this program was recommended by the AYSO Section Directors. It is an option that Regions may choose to test. It allows a player to bring a friend and play together for one season. This can be attractive for young children who don't want to play "alone" the first season, for busy parents of young children that must car pool, or even siblings.

For AYSO's youngest players, particularly when the "best friend" is a new player, the issue of Balanced Teams tends to be an insignificant one. Again, this is simply an option your Region may choose to try.

The AYSO Alumni templates for this program are designed so that a Region can set the ground rules of its choosing. It refers parents to the Region website where your specific rules and details can be found. See promotional ideas below for suggestions on how to promote this program.
  1. People (your target customer):
    Young moms of new and returning children U-5, U-6 and possibly U-8 (designed for our youngest players)

  2. Product (it's more than playing soccer):
    Child experience and convenience for car-pooling, an opportunity to have your child play soccer with their best friend this season and play together on the same team.

  3. Place (where do they find your program?):
    At a convenient local soccer field.

  4. Price (it makes a big difference!):
    Affordable! (And consider a 'two-fer' discount!)

  5. Promotion (Promotion is how to communicate and influence.)

Here are sample ideas. You may have different or better ones...try any or all!

  • Start with last year's U-5 and U-6 families. Particularly for young children, bringing a friend can make it more fun.

  • Make sure your Region website has complete information about the "Bring a Friend" program. Include all ground rules of the program. Any age limits, etc. Update registration dates, locations, ages, cost, etc. right on the homepage. Parents research, connect and communicate online. Make sure your Region website address is on EVERY flyer, ad, poster or other registration information item. They will go to your website for registration info. And that reduces calls and emails to you!

  • Offer a "two-fer" promotional gift. An AYSO water bottle or Region T-shirt for both children can boost your response! They're low cost items and promote your Region on and off the field. Always note "Supply limited" in case you run out.

  • A "parent" gift! An AYSO insulated coffee mug when you sign up a child and his/her best friend. Always note "Supply limited" in case you run out.

  • Get out flyers where young moms spend time. Drop off "Bring a Friend" flyers at day care centers, community library, Starbucks, women's gyms, grocery stores, and other places moms spend time with and without their children

  • Two-fer pricing. Consider a price break for both children when they sign up together.

  • Every two weeks. Send an email or snail mail notification to parents of last year's U-5 and U-6 kids leading up to your Registration events. Parents said "I didn't know when registration was" as one of the largest reasons they didn't return. Start six weeks prior to registration - it can be easy to forget or lose the information if it goes out much earlier.

  • Use postcards! Consider multiple mailings to last year's U-5 and U-6 parents using different "Best Friend" postcards from the Marketing Toolkit ...Landon Donovan, Shannon Boxx, Julie Foudy and Carlos Bocanegra...all are famous AYSO alumni. Postcards are inexpensive to print and mail and are excellent reminders.

  • Advertise! In local parent publications, community newspapers, local shoppers and other low-cost local media. Parents read these! Use any of the famous AYSO alumni ads from the Marketing Toolkit

  • Have an Express Coaches' Kids line. Send all of last year's coaches an email that there is a special Express line for their kids and their best friend, when registering together, if they're coaching again this season. Make them feel valued!

Want more ideas? View our other 90-Second Marketing Plans!

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