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Here is a PowerPoint presentation for your use. It introduces AYSO to community groups. This presentation is accompanied by a script which you can use as-is or adapt to your needs. Please note: This is a large file, so will take time to download. A high-speed internet connection is important.

For PTA and parent groups (encouraging them to sign their children up in AYSO!)

PTA/Parent Group Presentation

Downloading and Using the Region ToolKit PowerPoint

Things You Need

  • A Computer With Internet Connection (if you're reading this, you've got that!)
  • MS PowerPoint and MS Word installed on your computer
  • A way to unzip downloaded files (WinZip or WinRAR are both programs that can unzip the folder after download)
  • A basic knowledge of how PowerPoint works

Note: If you are unfamiliar with PowerPoint and how it works but would like to know more, you can find basic info at these two links for the two most common versions of MS PowerPoint:

PowerPoint 2003 training courses

PowerPoint 2007 training courses


  1. Click on the link to begin the download.
    • You are downloading a folder that is 80 megabytes in size, which may take some time on slower connections.
    • The folder has been "zipped" (compressed) to make download time as fast as possible.
    • When the Download Window pops up, choose the "SAVE" option (not the "OPEN" option).
    • Indicate where you want to save the zipped folder on your computer. (Saving to the Desktop and moving it later makes it easy to find.)
    • The folder contains 3 files, two for the PowerPoint and one MSWord document. (The word.doc is the script for the presentation.)
  1. After download is complete, "unzip" (decompress) the folder. (If you need to download WinZip or WinRAR, these programs are available for free download at the links below.)
  1. Create a folder using your file manager and name it "AYSO PTA," and then copy and paste the documents into that folder. If you're using WinZip or WinRAR, choose the location where you want to save the unzipped folder and click "Extract."
  1. In the saved/unzipped folder:
    • To run the PowerPoint, double click on pta_ppt.ppt.
    • To open the presentation script, double click on pta_script.doc.

Additional Notes

The PowerPoint is not locked. This is so you can make edits (add slides and content) specific to your Region/Area/Section. It is strongly suggested that you make and edit a copy of the presentation (vs. the original) for those "unintentional but unrecoverable" mistakes. You also need to remember to keep the two files for the presentation in the same folder or the presentation will not work.

The Script was written specifically for this presentation. However, if you have a story of your own that is similar in purpose to any that go with the concept being delivered in the presentation, but is far more personal to you, please feel free to use your story. Just remember: "Brevity is the soul of clarity" (i.e. the shorter the better).

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