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Region Website & Email

Websites are an important means of distributing information these days. It's almost expected that everyone and everything will have a website that is easily accessible with all of the pertinent information available at the click of a mouse.

AYSO recognizes this need and has a few solutions that make it so ANY Region can have their own website and maintain it themselves!

Webmaster Blog

Region Website Information

Add an AYSO News Widget to Your Website

Add a Pre-registration Button to Your Website

Email Banners

Webmaster Blog

Read the Webmaster Blog

The Webmaster Info Spot Blog

We have launched a new blog that will contain a variety of important information for our webmasters like you. The information will range from simple HTML and how to place an image on your website, to advanced things like fun and interactive modules you can put on your website. We'll also help you get your websites found on search engines, as well as help you make sure all of your Region's most important information is listed on your website.


Region Website Information

What should I put on my website?

This is a very common question that can seem overwhelming when staring at a blank webpage. For your homepage, you want it to be the most central place that people will go to when trying to find information. It's good to change up your content once in awhile to keep people coming back and wanting to see what is new or coming up. You can keep it relevent to the soccer seasons or registration, giving your families the information they need to participate to their fullest. Below are some ideas for homepage content:
  • Registration Dates/Location/Information
  • FAQs - How to contact coaches, etc.
  • Upcoming Training Dates, classes etc.
  • Contact Information - Phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Websites have lots of pages. How many pages should I have on mine?

Some common links could include an About Us, Contact Us, Registration, Board Members, Field Locations, Coach Information, FAQs, etc. Below are some websites that give examples of a good site structure:

My website isn't showing up in search engines? Why?

Search engines spider websites for keywords and information periodically, so if your site is new, it may take a week or so for the search engines to pick up your website and show it in the listings. Other things you can do to help search engines include:
  • Give links names (both in the URL and in the text) that are related to the content on the page. Naming a link page1.html will not help your site get picked up in search results.
  • Make sure your text on your pages include key words about the subject matter. Be as descriptive as possible while still having text that reads well.
  • Give pictures an ALT tag to help descibe the content in the image. Search engines pick up these tags and can help increase your visibility on a search engine.
For more information on Seach Engine Optimization, please read the article a Beginners Guide to SEO.

If you have a question that's not answered here, please contact

Add an AYSO News Widget to Your Website

Instructions: Add the news widget so families can view the National AYSO News on your website and keep up to date with the National AYSO programs and happenings.

Add the News Widget NOW!


Add a Pre-registration Button to Your Website

Instructions: Add the Preregistration button so families can go directly to eAYSO and preregister their children. The Preregistration button will make everything quick and easy for you on Registration day.

Put this button onto your Region Web site. To use the button, just copy the code below. Once you've copied the code, just paste it into your website's HTML.

Registration Button



Code: Select all
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>


AYSO Email Banners

AYSO Email Banner - Boys
Email Banner Boys - 600 pixels wide

AYSO Email Banner - Girls
Email Banner Girls - 600 pixels wide

AYSO Email Banner - Combination
Email Banner Combination - 600 pixels wide

AYSO Email Banner - Referee
Email Banner Referee - 600 pixels wide

AYSO Email Banner - Coach
Email Banner Coach - 600 pixels wide

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