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Instructions: Flyers are great tools. If your schools won't pass them out, think about OB/GYN doctor's offices, pediatrician offices, hair salons, women's gyms and other places young moms may frequent. She is usually the decision maker. Print black ink on canary yellow paper for best readership.


Registration Flyer Half Page 5.5 x 8.5

Half Page Boys 1 (color) Preview

Half Page Boys 2 (color) Preview

Half Page Boys 3 (black & white) Preview

Half Page Girls 1 (color) Preview

Half Page Girls 2 (color) Preview

Half Page Girls 3 (black & white) Preview

Half Page Girls & Boys (color) Preview


Registration Flyer Full Page 8.5 x 11

Full Page Boys 1 (color) Preview

Full Page Boys 2 (color) Preview

Full Page Boys 3 (black & white) Preview

Full Page Girls 1 (color) Preview

Full Page Girls 2 (color) Preview

Full Page Girls 3 (black & white) Preview

Full Page Girls & Boys (color) Preview


VIP Template Full Page

VIP Informational Flyer VIP Registration Flyer
Informational Flyer
(Full Page - English)
Informational Flyer
(Full Page - Spanish)
Registration Flyer
(Full Page - English)
Registration Flyer
(Full Page - Spanish)

VIP Ad Full Page - Color VIP Ad Full Page - Black & White VIP Ad Half Page - Color
Full Page Ad - Color
(Full Page)
Full Page Ad - Black & White
(Full Page)
Half Page Ad - Color
(Half Page)
VIP Ad Half Page - Black & White VIP Ad Quarter Page - Color VIP Ad Quarter Page - Black & White
Half Page Ad - Black & White
(Full Page)
Quarter Page Ad - Color
(Quarter Page)
Quarter Page Ad - Black & White
(Quarter Page)
VIP Banner - Color
(Banner 3' x 6' - 22 MB)



Comeback Flyer Template

Comeback Flyer Template (black & white) Preview


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Valpak Ads:

Instructions: Many communities have ValPack programs. It's a collection of inserts on local restaurants, services, and programs. They mail in an envelope to every resident in a community. They also sometimes target specific ZIP codes. If you receive one in the mail, contact them about discounts for a non-profit organization! If it makes sense for your Region, here is artwork you can adapt.


Valpak Template Boys 1 (color) Preview

Valpak Template Boys 2 (color) Preview

Valpak Template Boys 3 (color) Preview

Valpak Template Girls 1 (color) Preview

Valpak Template Girls 2 (color) Preview

Valpak Template Girls 3 (color) Preview

Valpak Template Backside (color) Preview


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Instructions: Postcards are a great way to get your Registration information out. Mail them to last season's players that you haven't yet registered, or put them in doctor's and dentist's offices, the supermarket or your favorite local restaurant. Just remember to get permission first. Make them a "yellow card"…bright yellow card stock makes them really stand out.


Registration Postcard Template (color) Preview

Comeback Postcard Template (color) Preview

4 x 6 Postcard Boys (black & white) Preview

4 x 6 Postcard Girls (black & white) Preview

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