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Registration Ideas & Tips

9 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Region

30 Great Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

10 Tips To Boost Your Registration 10%

Marketing Plan for Registration Campaigns

10 Tips To Boost Your Registration 10%

1. When possible, have your first registration sessions for next season right during your current season. Set up a tent and tables at the fields so families can sign up for next season while the fun of AYSO soccer is fresh in their mind. Have two weekend sessions so no one misses out.
2. Have a second round of registration events (or your first, if you couldn't have one during the season) for returning and new players who didn't sign up during the in-season events.
3. New players to AYSO are mostly under 10 years old. And moms are usually the decision maker of what activities their children at this age will participate in. Consider one new registration location this year where young families will be. Supermarkets, malls, libraries and parks can be great potential locations.
4. E-mail all of your parents about the registration dates and locations. Follow-up with a postcard reminder. In a recent survey, former AYSO parents said not knowing when or where registration was being held was a significant reason they didn't come back.
5. After your first registration events and when all the players are entered into eAYSO, compare the list against your current player database. Send a reminder email and/or postcard to every family about the next registration event.
6. Flyers continue to be powerful AYSO advertising. Distribute them through local schools. But if your school district no longer allows flyers (and this is becoming more common), use after school and day care programs, PTA meetings, or pass out flyers at supermarkets on Saturday afternoon (with the store's permission), doctors and dentists offices and other locations where young families will see them.
7. Have your registration dates, location and times right on the homepage of your Region website. This is your face to the world!
8. Advertise in community newspapers and parenting publications.
9. Consider a "Come back to AYSO" e-mail. Send the e-mail message to all the addresses you have from the last two seasons of players who didn't come back. If they've tried another soccer or sport programs, they may remember AYSO very fondly but not know when your registration is. Consider also sending them a postcard follow-up. Make them feel welcome!
10. Contact local TV and radio stations about getting free public service announcements. These may be on-air opportunities for you personally to speak about your AYSO Region or they may let you run an AYSO TV comercial!

For Registration Campaigns

Fast Tips for Registration Success

Tip No. 1: There are five key decisions in every marketing plan - they are the "5 Ps": People, Product, Place, Price and Promotion. They are the "who, what, when, where and why" of marketing! The more specific you are with your "Ps", the more effective your registration efforts are likely to be. The 90 Second Marketing Plans give you the "5 Ps" for four different marketing opportunities. Use one, two or all four in this year's registration drive.

Tip No. 2: Always start your registration marketing efforts with a plan. Write it down. Somehow it's always easier when it's out of your head and down on paper! Even if you're doing exactly the same as last year, put it into a simple written plan so you have a record for the future.

Tip No. 3: AYSO is a national organization, with every Region being unique and special. Please choose appropriately from the toolkit materials to best suit the needs of your Region.

Tip No. 4: Don't see what you were looking for? Need a different size or shape? A different item altogether? Tell us what you need, being as specific as possible, and the National Office Marketing Dept. will do its best to create it for you (and we'll add it to the toolkit for other AYSO Regions that may have the same need as you!)

Tip No 5: Don't try to do too much. If you've been happy with past registration, perhaps this year just use one AYSO Alumni ad in the community newspaper or order yard signs for your Board Members. Or add a late registration event or a new location for registration. Baby steps are OK!

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